Vitacid Tretinoin 0,1 cream Tretinoin
Vitacid 0,1 – Treatment of acne, Anti-aging, cream – 20 g

Vitacid 0,1 – Treatment of acne, Anti-aging, cream – 20 g


This product we have now: Exp date 5/2022

How is tretinoin good for our skin?

  • Stimulation of the production of own collagen – slowing down aging;
  • Acceleration of regeneration, stimulation of metabolism – improvement of skin nutrition;
  • Keeping moisture at a deep level – reducing the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Smoothing of all layers of the skin – smoothing and radiance of the skin;
  • Reduction of unwanted pigmentation – improvement of complexion;

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Vitacid, Cream 0,1% – Treatment acne, Anti-wrinkle, contain trеtinöÌn 0.1 % – 20 g.

Active ingredients:

TrеtinöÌn 0,1%;


  • Anti-wrinkle treatments
  • For people with acne problems
  • Prevents clogged pores
  • Helps Reduce Wrinkles
  • Reduces dark spots, reduces uneven skin tone

Dosage Vitacid TrеtinöÌn cream:

  • Acne Prevention: Apply once every night after cleansing and before bed.
  • Acne Treatment: Use 1 time / day for acne lesions at bedtime or at night.
  • Reduction of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and surface roughness: Apply topically, apply a small amount of cream all over the face every day at night or before bed.

If you are unsure, consult a skin specialist before using.

Before the first use of any trеtinöÌn 0.1%, it is advisable to do a sensitivity test on the hand!

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Product form 20 g
Quantity 1 pcs x 20g
Storage conditions Store at a cool place, protect from direct sunlight.
Country of production Indonesia, Surya Dermato Medica Laboratories, Surabaya Indonesia
Expiration date This product we have now only: Exp date 5/2022

Package Included:

1* Tube

Additional information

Weight 55 g


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