Green Beauty – Celery extract and vitamins – 32 sachets

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Green Beauty – Celery juice is anti-aging, helps to improve skin, increase moisture, adds fiber to aid digestion, prevents the formation of melanin pigments that cause skin darkening.

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Green Beauty from Vietnam – 32 sachets, 3g each.


  • Rejuvenates, improves the color and elasticity of the skin, adds the necessary fiber, improves digestion, prevents the formation of melanin pigmentation, treats melasma, darkening of the skin. Support to increase antioxidant capacity.


Spirulina Powder: 20mg;
Celery Extract: 5000mg;
Chlorophyll: 200mg;
Glutathion: 500mcg;
Collagen: 200mg;
Alpha Lipoic Acid: 500mcg;
Inulin: 500mg;
L-Cystine: 20mg;
Vitamin C: 5mg;
Maltodextrin, hydrate, flavor of food, just pack 3g;

tDosage Green Beauty:

Since the product line is extracted in powder form, there are many different uses, here is the standard dosage:
Method 1: Mix 1 packet with 500-900 ml of water, mix with plain water or warm and cold, depending on the taste of each person. Or mix with freshly squeezed juice.
Method 2: By mixing 1 packet with yoghurt, you can add ice and enjoy it, or make ice cream with Green Beauty.

Product form /Packaging 32 sachets
Quantity 1 Box x 32 sachets x 3g each
Storage conditions & Expiry date

In a dry place, temperature below 30, protect from light

3 years from date of manufacture

Country of production Vietnam, Trường Đại Hưng

Package Included:

1 Box * 32

Additional information

Weight 120 g


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