Hiteen Gel – Treating all forms of acne – 20 g


Used to treat dermatological conditions in cases associated with acne.

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Hiteen Gel – Treatment acne – 20 g.


Treatment of all forms of acne, mainly microcystic or inflammatory and papular pustules.

Cystic acne treatment: Combine this drug with other special treatments.

Treatment of other types of acne: acne caused by the use of drugs such as corticosteroids, vitamin B12, vitamin D, isoniside, drugs of the barbituric group, iodine, bromine.

Active ingredients:

Еrythrоmусin: 4%;

TrеtinöÌn: 0.025%;

How to use Hiteen Gel

Usually apply the medicine once a day in the evening to the affected area of ​​skin after it has been thoroughly cleansed and dried. Using too much medication can irritate the area. Wash your hands after using the medicine.


Apply a pea-sized amount and massage thoroughly until completely absorbed into the skin.

The specific dose depends on the condition and progression of the disease. To get the correct dose, you need to consult your doctor.

Product form 20 g
Quantity 1 pcs x 20g
Storage conditions Store at a cool place, protect from direct sunlight.
Country of production Vietnam, Phil Inter Pharma
Expiration date 2 years from date of manufacture

Package Included:

1* Tube

Additional information

Weight 45 g


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