Linh Chi Sam OPC, Lingzhi mushroom from Vietnam with ginseng – 20 capsules


Natural boost immunity, improve overall vitality, and promote longevity. Lingzhi, also called Reishi, is a potent adaptogen, while ginseng is renowned for its energy-enhancing properties. Popular choice in natural wellness.

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Linh Chi Sam OPC – Vitamin complex with reishi and ginseng, strengthening immunity, antitumor effect – 20 capsules

Linh Chi Sam  – It has an antitumor effect, removes toxins, and increases the body’s resistance to infections and viruses.


Among the many indications, the following can be distinguished, in which the lingzhi mushroom proved to be most effective:

  • Prevents and inhibits the development of cancer;
  • Protects from radiation;
  • Prevents symptoms of cerebrovascular diseases and hyperlipidemia (abnormally elevated lipid levels);
  • Increases the body’s defenses;
  • Removes hydroxyl radicals;
  • Inhibits the production of superoxide radicals, thereby preventing them from turning into hydroxide radicals;
  • Lowers blood sugar;
  • Effective in vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • Normalizes blood pressure;
  • Restores the blood flow of the pancreas;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Positive effect in diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • Activates metabolic processes in the body;
  • Improves liver function;
  • Possesses antispasmodic effect, relieves asthma attacks;
  • Reduces fatigue, increases concentration, improves memory, hearing and vision;
  • Cosmetological effect, slows down the aging process.
    The product is not hormonal and does not contain harmful chemicals.


  • Ganoderma lingzhi;
  • Ginseng extract.


Side effects are not identified.


  • Take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day.
  • Course of admission is 1 month.
Product form /Packaging 20 capsules
Quantity 1 Box x 20 capsules
Storage conditions & Expiry date

In a dry place, temperature below 30, protect from light

36 month from manufacturing date

Country of production Vietnam, Công ty cổ phần Dược phẩm OPC

Package Included:

1 Box * 20 capsules

Additional information

Weight 90 g


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