Tao Sam, Kohinoor – Helps to strengthen hormones,Collagen and Vitamin replenishment – 1 box

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Tao Sam, Kohinoor – Helps to replenish the body’s reserves of substances from herbs, vitamin E and collagen, supports the increase in female hormones, reducing the symptoms of premenopause. Menopause: hot flashes, skin depression, physiological decline.

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Tao Sam Kohinoor – is 100% natural extracted from natural herbs – 3 bottles 1 box.

Kohinoor Tao Sam helping to strengthen hormones, reduce the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause: hot flashes, skin decay, physiological impairment. Help replenish Collagen and Vitamin E.


  • Women with hormonal deficiencies
  • Premenopausal women
  • Aging skin during menopause
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Darkening of the skin
  • Dry skin and physiological disturbances.


  • L- Cystine 250mg;
  • Spirulina ( medicinal powder) 150mg;
  • Collagen 100mg;
  • Chlorella ( medicinal powder) 25mg;
  • Celery extract 25mg;
  • Pregnenolone extract 25mg;
  • Pueraria Mirifica extract 25mg;
  • Vitamin E ( DL – alpha- tocopheryl acetate) 12,5IU;
  • Royal Jelly: 10mg;
  • Aloe Vera extract 10mg;
  • L- glutathione 1250mcg;
  • Cyperus rotundus L: 200mg;
  • Leonurus japonicus: 200mg;
  • Artemisia vulgaris L: 200mg;
  • Ligusticum striatum: 80mg;

Dosage Tao Sam Kohinoor:

2 capsule twice daily (Morning and afternoon) with or after meals.

Directions for use: Not to be taken by people under 18 years of age, women during pregnancy.

Hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the product.

Product form /Packaging 1 box
Quantity Box x 3 small bottles (15 capsules each)  45 capsules / box
Storage conditions & Expiry date

In a dry place, temperature below 30, protect from light

3 years from date of manufacture

Country of production Vietnam, Phuong Dong Pharmaceutical and Trade Company Limited

Package Included:

1 Box

Additional information

Weight 700 g


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