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Tretinoin good or bad for skin?

Tretinoin: a genius wrinkle-fighting life hack or your skin’s enemy?

The recent tradition of using preparations from the pharmacy as cosmetics is gaining momentum. Retinol-containing cream Tretinoin has become especially popular. How safe to use it, and why is it so effective? We looked into it. About Tretinoin cream To understand that “Tretinoin” is a serious ingredient, it is enough to read the instructions and […]

Tretinoin all aboit tretinoin

Tretinoin: Benefits for the skin, how to use it, side effects

Tretinoin is a strongly active dermatological drug, used to treat a number of skin problems such as acne, wrinkled skin, sun damaged skin, … In order to achieve therapeutic effect and reduce the risk of side effects, patients need to strictly follow the instructions of their doctor. 1. What is Tretinoin? Tretinoin is a cosmetic […]

What you need to know about Tretinoin

What you need to know about Tretinoin

Tretinoin is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle treatments available. Several studies have shown that topically applied tretinoin is effective in treating fine wrinkles and skin pigmentation disorders caused by exposure to sunlight. Tretinoin increases the synthesis of collagen and fibers that carry the supporting function of the skin. Tretinoin stimulates the regeneration process in […]

Free gift for each order more than $25

Free gift for each order more than $25

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