Ric Skin Hot Burning, Kohinoor – Increases elasticity of the skin, helps burn fat – 100 g

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Ric Skin Hot Burning – Fat burning cream gel  helps reduces fat on the waist, buttocks, hips, biceps and calves.

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Ric Skin Hot Burning (Kohinoor) – 100g.


  • Helps tighten skin in the waist, thighs, abdomen and biceps.
  • Increases elasticity of the skin, helps a neat and slim physique.
  • Help moisturize skin, improve sagging skin.


  • White Oil;
  • Myritol 318;
  • Vaseline Glycerin;
  • Poly Aquol 2W;
  • Stearic acid;
  • Versagel M200;
  • Repoly 415/ Cosmagel 305;
  • Chili Extract;
  • VBE;
  • Saliguard EHGP;
  • Pink Pepperslim Extract;
  • Prescolat Plus;
  • Fragrant, Water;

How to use Ric Skin Hot Burning:

  • Apply the gel to the skin and let the nutrients quickly absorb in the areas where the gel was applied.
  • Wash your hands with clean water.
  • In order to improve effectiveness, the belly bandage are used in the area where the gel is applied.

You can use it in combination with Gasimax Weight Loss products to effectively support your weight loss.

Product form 100g
Quantity 1 Pcs x 100g tube
Storage conditions Store at a cool place, protect from direct sunlight.
Country of production Vietnam, Kohinoor
Expiration date 3 Years from manufacturing date

Package Included:

1* 100g tube

Additional information

Weight 180 g


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