An Thuy Vuong Kingphar – Treatment of frequent urination, kidney health – 30 capsules

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An Thuy Vuong Kingphar helps nourish the kidneys, focus attention, warm the bladder, support therapy for nocturia, urinary frequency.

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An Thuy Vuong Kingphar (Ấn Thủy Vương Kingphar) from Vietnam – Helps helps to improve kidney function  – 30 capsules.


Used for people with excessive urination, nocturia, urination, difficulty urinating, urinary incontinence


  • Hà Thủ Ô Đỏ(Tuber fleeceflower) 65mg;
  • Thục Địa(Libosch) 45mg;
  • Xà Sàng Tử(Cnidium monnieri (L) Cuss Apiaceae) 55mg;
  • Cây Barosma Betulina(Barosma Betulina) 100mg;
  • Sâm Eurycoma(Eurycoma) 80mg;
  • Phục linh(China root) 60mg;
  • Ích trí nhân(Fructus Alpiniae oxyphyllae) 55mg;
  • Thỏ ty tử(Cuscuta hygrophilae Pears) 50mg;
  • Thạch hộc(Herba Dendrobii) 50mg;
  • Tang phiêu tiêu(Cotheca Mathidis) 20mg;

Dosage An Thuy Vuong Kingphar:

  • Take 2 times a day and take 2 tablets
  • Drink 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals or 1 to 2 hours after meals.
  • Can be used regularly.
Product form /Packaging 30 capsules
Quantity Box of 30 capsules
Storage conditions & Expiry date

In a dry place, temperature below 30, protect from light

3 years from date of manufacture

Country of production Vietnam, Kingphar

Package Included:

1 Box * 30 capsules

Additional information

Weight 80 g


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