Enterogermina – Bacillus Clausii Probiotic 2 Billion CFU – 20 vials

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Our intestinal bacterial flora is subject to numerous and continuous alterations such as seasonal changes, the consequences of antibiotic therapy, or prolonged periods of stress. Thanks to the spores of Bacillus clausii, Enterogermina restores the balance of our flora and also corrects dysvitaminosis, or imbalances of production and assimilation of vitamins.

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Enterogermina from Vietnam – Enterogermina is often indicated for disorders of the intestinal flora including diarrhea, flatulence diseases, indigestion, digestive disorders and constipation. – 20 vials 5 ml each

The spores of Bacillus clausii are able to overcome the barrier of acid gastric juice and reach the intestinal tract unscathed where they are transformed into metabolically active cells able to multiply, and carry out their activities restoring the correct intestinal flora. The formulation of Enterogermina 2 billion is also indicated for administration to children and infants.


  • Disorders of intestinal microflora and poor absorption of endogenous vitamins.
  • Treatment restores the gut microbiota system after antibiotics or chemotherapy.
  • Acute and chronic digestive disorders including food poisoning, diarrhea, and constipation.


Active substance is spores of Bacillus clausii. Every vial contains 2 billion spores of Bacillus clausii.


Side effects are not identified.

Dosage Enterogermina:

Infants: 1-2 vials per day to be given at regular intervals
Children: 1-2 vials or 1-2 capsules a day to be administered at regular intervals
Adults: 2-3 vials or 2-3 capsules a day
Shake well and take directly from the vial or dilute the contents in water. Enterogermina 2 billion is heat resistant so it can also be dissolved in hot drinks such as milk and tea.

Product form /Packaging box
Quantity 1 Box x 20 vials 5 ml each
Storage conditions & Expiry date

In a dry place, temperature below 30, protect from light

2 years from date of manufacture

Country of production Sanofi

Package Included:

1 Box * 20 vials 5 ml each

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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