Hoa Han Linh – Treatment for hyperhidrosis – 30 tablets


Hoa Han Linh – Treatment of systemic sweating: palms, soles of the feet, armpits, face, head, forehead, back, chest.

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Hòa Hãn Linh  from Vietnam  – 30 tablets

Natural herbs have the ability to treat perspiration very effectively, provide many outstanding benefits, and are even more effective when combined with the appropriate medicinal ingredients.


Hoa Han Linh made with traditional herbs available in Vietnam to help patients with sweating all over their bodies reduce daily discomforts:

Support for the treatment of multiple systemic sweating: palms, soles of feet, armpits, face, head, forehead, back, chest …
Avoid the growth of bacteria on your skin that can cause unpleasant odors.
Stabilize the function of the nervous system
Helps to reduce anxiety, increase resistance fatigue.
Natural, no side effects.


ingredients of natural origin that are safe for users, such as:

  • Cao Sơn thù du(Cornus controversa): 250mg;
  • Cao Hoàng kỳ(Astragalus propinquus): 250mg;
  • Cao Thiên môn đông(Asparagus cochinchinensis): 300mg;
  • Taurine: 150mg;
  • Magie: 6mg;

Dosage Hoa Han Linh:

Adults: 3 times a day, 2-3 capsules each time.
Children aged ≥ 7 years: 2 capsules a day.
– Should be taken 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.
– Should use a continuous 3–6 months for best results.

Product form /Packaging 30 tablets
Quantity 1 Box of 3 blisters x 10 tablets each
Storage conditions & Expiry date

In a dry place, temperature below 30, protect from light

2 years from date of manufacture

Country of production Vietnam, Y Dược Quốc Tế

Package Included:

1 Box * 30 tablets

Additional information

Weight 75 g


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