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How to remove blackheads correctly

Clean skin is the result of a proper lifestyle, balanced diet, and regular facial care. Not everyone can boast of a naturally healthy epidermis. Often black dots appear on the nose that affect the entire T-shaped area, including the forehead and chin. This problem requires a special approach and therapy. There are subtleties of squeezing open comedones and masks to eliminate blackheads.

Why do black dots appear?

blackheads nose how to remove it

The main reason for the formation of open comedones is considered to be the absence or non-adherence to basic skin care. According to all the rules, it is necessary to use cleansing foams or gels at least twice a day – 20 minutes after waking up in the morning and half an hour before going to bed. In addition, blackhead masks are applied, and directional scrubs are used (2-3 times a week).

Misuse of low-quality decorative cosmetics is considered to be another underlying reason. Foundation, powder, make-up base, blush, and other products will severely clog pores. The sebaceous glands begin to work at an accelerated rate, provoking blockages and the formation of blackheads.

At risk are people who are experiencing an imbalance in terms of hormonal levels. During menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and adolescence, the human body dramatically changes. Hormone surges provoke disturbances in the work of the sebaceous ducts.

Blackheads most often appear in owners of oily and mixed skin types. The problem is exacerbated in the summer, when the produced fat is mixed with dust, sweat and keratinized particles of the epidermis. In combination, the listed neoplasms are combined together and turn into a comedone.

Some categories of people suffer from blackheads on the nose due to genetic predisposition. Most often, the feature manifests itself on the face with enlarged pores, which quickly become dirty. In this case, to eliminate the cause, it is necessary to resort to hardware or invasive cosmetology, services are provided by beauty salons and medical centers.

Frequent exposure to stress alters the functioning of skin cells, tissues become denser, and the natural self-cleaning of the epidermis through the pores is hampered. After a short time, black dots appear. A similar situation is observed in the case of disruption of the endocrine system.

Often people who lead the wrong lifestyle suffer from open comedones on the nose. Smoking, abuse of alcoholic beverages and fatty foods leads to blockage of blood vessels. In the skin of the face, blood circulation is disturbed, moisture leaves, more fat is released.

How to get rid of blackheads on the nose

Method How to get rid of blackheads on the nose

There is a unified algorithm of actions that will help to squeeze out black dots without harming the upper layer of the epidermis. Do not press on acne growths until the skin is completely steamed. The nose is a dangerous area, if an infection enters the skin of this area, the infection will spread throughout the face.

You will need:

  • baby talcum powder without fragrance or with chamomile;
  • water;
  • milk or facial toner;
  • cotton sponges;
  • cologne;
  • medical gloves;
  • mirror with a magnifying focus;
  • face mask aimed at narrowing the pores;
  • napkins;
  • moisturizing serum or cream;
  1. Large comedones are squeezed out that have not disappeared after using various masks, peels and scrubs. The procedure is performed no more than 2 times a month, since it is highly traumatic.
  2. First, remove all makeup from your face with a targeted lotion. Wash your face with foam or gel, then wipe your nose with toner, then disinfect it with cologne.
  3. Prepare a bath: pour water into a saucepan, bring to a boil. Cover your head with a towel, hold your face over the steam for 7-10 minutes. During this period, the pores will open.
  4. Then start extruding. Re-wipe your nose with cologne, put on gloves, get a magnifying mirror. Choose a location with sunlight wherever possible.
  5. Place two index fingers on opposite sides of the comedone, begin to squeeze the skin deep into the black point. Move from the edges to the center. You should not put pressure on the point itself, the action is carried out on its root.
  6. Press on all sides, choosing two opposite sides for your fingers. Change position. Look for the right area: if the comedone does not come out well, you have chosen the wrong trajectory of exposure.
  7. When the comedo begins to appear on the surface, do not rush to get rid of its head. Continue pressing until the growth is completely clear.
  8. Repeat with each cosmetic defect. After all the manipulations, soak a cotton pad in cologne or alcohol, wipe the treated area of ​​the skin.
  9. Wait about 15 minutes, during which time the dermis will dry out. Apply a light moisturizer in a thick layer, leave it on for 5 minutes. Remove the leftovers with napkins.
  10. Finally, use a mask that narrows the pores. Products with lemon juice, tomatoes, aspirin, activated charcoal are best suited.
  11. When the mask comes to an end, wash well with foam or gel. Sprinkle talcum powder on your nose, wait 1 hour. After the specified time, remove excess powder with a napkin.
  12. Blackhead masks
  13. Before extruding, it is advisable to make sure that the black dots are firmly embedded. To do this, make a mask that will eliminate small to medium sized open comedones.

How to extrude black dots correctly?

Orange with clay mask

Orange with clay mask

Squeeze out the juice from half of the citrus. Buy white clay at the pharmacy, measure out 45 grams, sift the composition into a bowl with fresh juice. Stir, let stand for about half an hour.

After this time, apply the prepared product to the cleansed skin of the nose, rub in and wait for it to dry. Rinse off the mask in the usual way, wipe your face with tonic.

Get rid of Blackheads with Baking Soda DIY

Get rid of Blackheads with Baking Soda DIY

Take care of sifting the baking soda ahead of time. Then mix the product with clean drinking water in such quantities that a pasty mass is obtained at the exit.

Do not use gel on your skin. Massage the product on the wings and tip of the nose, you can additionally work on the chin and forehead.

Leave the baking soda to act for 7-10 minutes, then wash with contrasting water (alternately warm and cold). Finish with a cream.

Lemon with sugar

Lemon with sugar blackhead

The scrub mask perfectly cleanses and tightens pores, pulls out even the largest comedones. Squeeze the juice from half of the citrus, cool, mix with granulated sugar until thick.

Take care of steaming the skin in advance, then apply the ready-made product. Rub it in with light movements, leave it to act for a quarter to a third of an hour.

Turmeric with cucumber

Turmeric with cucumber

Grind half a cucumber into a gruel, mix with 2 pinches of ground turmeric. Add a third lemon pulp or citrus juice. Stir in oatmeal for thickening.

It is advisable to distribute the mask on the steamed and dry skin of the nose. After applying, cover the area with gauze, wait half an hour. Wash off with contrasting water.

Egg white

Egg white T-zone

A simple egg white is able to tighten the skin and at the same time clear it of blackheads.

Black dots appear for a variety of reasons that must be completely eliminated. After the disappearance of comedones, carry out prophylaxis to avoid their further formation. Watch your diet, use high-quality cosmetics, make targeted masks (cleansing, narrowing the pores).


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