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Myths About Weight Loss Pills

5 Wrong Myths About Weight Loss Pills

Overweight, obesity is a common condition today and is considered a disease of the era. Therefore, the need to find solutions to lose weight, specifically taking weight loss pills is being concerned by many people. But in fact, there are many misconceptions about weight loss pills that many people are suffering from.

1. Believe in the “miracle” of rapid weight loss.

Believe in the "miracle" of rapid weight loss.

Beat the impatient psychology of wanting to lose weight to have the standard shape of many women, the drugs on the market today launch advertisements such as “lose 5-7 kg in just 1 week”. In practice, this is not possible for the following 2 reasons:

-First: Theoretically, the body can lose as much as 4.5 kg in 2 weeks, provided that strict diets and intense exercise must be applied to burn at least 3,500 calories each day (equivalent to 7-10 hours of brisk swimming, jogging, weight training).  However, you will fall into a state of impaired health because of exhaustion, fatigue, not being able to live or work normally.

-Second: Medicines that are marketed as rapid weight loss often have unsafe effects such as dehydration by urinating a lot: enema, laxative causes a lot of bowel movements, inhibits nerves causing loss of appetite, indigestion… so users often experience side effects such as dry mouth, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure,  fast heartbeat, diarrhea…

Pills that are thought to cause rapid weight loss often cause dehydration, anorexia, and laxative effects that, if taken regularly, will deplete health. These pills cause biological activity disturbances leading to life-threatening complications such as anorexia, depression, lack of vitamins, mineral salts, malnutrition oreven death.

The effects of weight loss pills are not only evaluated on the basis of weight loss effects, but also on the criteria of maintaining weight. Pills with a mechanism of action that causes bowel movements, urination a lot, anorexia… basically cannot be used for long term to maintain weight because of adverse effects on health. That is not to mention that if you stop taking the drug, you may face the possibility of gaining weight again, even more.

2. Weight-loss pills derived from oriental medicine will be safe.

Weight-loss pills derived from oriental medicine will be safe

Not natural weight loss pills are safe for weight loss, except for natural essences that have been clinically studied for safety and have no side effects. Recently, the US and a number of countries around the world have warned that many weight loss pills contain Ephedra because they have a laxative effect, which makes the body tired and exhausted.

Using enema pills, prolonged laxative will cause loss of bowel tone, digestive disorders, electrolyte disorders causing muscle weakness, drowsiness. Similarly, pills of natural origin with diuretic effects such as cat whiskers, cornflower… if used for a long time, they can also harm health. Since water accounts for 70% of the body weight, dehydration will quickly lose weight.

3. Losing weight is already effective.

Losing weight is already effective

Not all weight loss pills will reduce excess fat as many people believe. In fact, drugs that cause a lot of bowel movements and urination only make the body lose water and lose weight, but the excess fat is actually still there.

Research by scientists in the US shows that white fat is the main cause of weight gain, affecting physique and increasing the risk of chronic diseases. Therefore, an effective and safe weight loss supplement must be effective in preventing the accumulation and increasing the lysis of white fat.

4. Just taking weight loss pills is enough.

4. Just taking weight loss pills is enough.

This conception of weight loss pills is quite wrong. In particular, there are 3 golden principles for safe and effective weight loss, the use of weight loss support drugs is behind 2 principles of proper nutrition and increased mobility.

Weight loss people need to maintain a consistent diet, do not need to abstain from excessive diet, but should not be neglected by weight loss pills. Specifically, should maintain energy intake into the body at the level of 1,400 – 1,600 kcal/ day.

In addition, it is necessary to build a habit of exercising for more than 30 minutes/ day with suitable sports such as walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, gym…

If you combine the above two principles with choosing and using a safe and effective weight loss drug that works to reduce the accumulation and increase the resolution of white fat, your weight loss goal will come true.

5. You can choose to take any weight loss drug.

Diet pill

The advice of experts is not to “risk” to lose weight at all costs. Regarding choosing weight loss drugs, it is necessary to avoid drugs with side effects, resulting in “fake weight loss” results as follows:

  • The first is a drug that fills the digestive tract with fillers that fill the stomach, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger and lack of appetite. Causes some side effects such as: bloating, flatulence.
  • Second is the drug that increases metabolism. The drug is only effective in the case of obesity due to lack of thyroxin and the risk of suppressing thyroid function, heart damage (due to increased heart rate).
  • Third is the drug that causes anorexia, this is the drug used to lose the most weight, and also the drug that causes many adverse effects for the user as mentioned above.
  • The drug acts on the central nervous system of the hypothalamus causing trouble sleeping and reducing the feeling of hunger. This drug can be dangerous because it is addictive and causes a depressed mood when you stop taking it.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose biological active ingredients of natural origin, meeting the differences in location, physical condition, health, lifestyle and work characteristics, diet and especially for people need to lose weight are having other problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes …

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