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How and for what to use ginseng

Ginseng is a medicinal herb known for its tonic and anabolic effects. Ginseng root is one of the best natural pickups and an excellent source of energy.

It is both physically and psychologically beneficial. Moreover, ginseng contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. In today’s article I want to tell you in more detail what ginseng is, why and how to use it.

There are different types of ginseng. However, they all have very similar healing effects. The most common type is called Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or also red ginseng. It is characterized by its special form of brown color.

Another well-known species is Siberian ginseng. This variety is especially effective against radioactive radiation.

In this article, we will look at the healing effects of both types of ginseng in general.

Vietnamese ginseng root
Vietnamese ginseng root

Application of ginseng roots

Ginseng root stimulates the body at different levels. At the same time, unlike the consumption of lemonade, alcohol or caffeinated drinks, there are no unwanted side effects. If you replace these drinks with ginseng, then you will experience lasting improvement in many of your symptoms.

The root of the plant is effectively used for the following ailments:

  1. Physical and mental stress, therefore it is especially recommended for students and athletes.
  2. Anxiety and anxiety disorders. Ginseng helps your body and psyche balance the energy balance. This will make you feel more relaxed overall.
  3. Fatigue, weakness and anemia.
Vietnamese ginseng bottle of wine
Vietnamese ginseng wine

Other positive effects

Ginseng root can also help you if you suffer from the following conditions:

Age signs of skin aging (it has a high content of antioxidants), headache, symptoms of menopause (Vietnamese ginseng is especially helpful), hypertension and too low blood pressure (hypotension), a weakened immune system; has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, thereby preventing insulin resistance; for erectile dysfunction and fertility problems in men (red ginseng).
Since the root improves blood flow to your brain, you can also improve your memory and ability to concentrate, as well as counteract learning difficulties.

Uses of ginseng root

You can find the root in capsule or pill form at the pharmacy or health food stores. For the preparation of medicinal teas, it is recommended to use fresh roots.

It is especially important to note the application time. Due to its very stimulating effect, you should always take this natural remedy in the morning.

Plus, you shouldn’t take it for a long period of time. Take breaks from taking. Ideally, apply in courses. This way you will achieve the best results. It is important to pay attention to the correct dosage. Too high a dose can cause a certain amount of stress.


Remember the strong stimulating effect any type of Ginseng!

You must be especially careful if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Then, during this time, ginseng preparations should be abandoned.

This natural remedy is generally not recommended for children.

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