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Divine mewing exercises – Hitting the chin – Visual V

What is Mewing?

The Mewing method is to re-position the tongue to help the face look slimmer, helping the jaw bone become more beautiful. The Mewing method has caused social media fever in Western countries before, but has only been popular in Vietnam in recent years.

Mewing method?

– First, we need to find out what caused the chin:

The chin is formed due to a variety of causes such as genetics, aging and weight gain. However, placing the tongue in the wrong position is also a big factor that can lead to this condition.

If you have ever had to “headache” because of a chin problem, you can rest assured that this preferred scientific appearance feature can be completely improved by performing certain exercises.

In essence, it is a plump fleshy skin that forms under the chin. Everyone has a little fat in that position. This is perfectly normal. However, the muscle area that connects the neck to the chin may weaken. At that time, more fat can accumulate here, creating a remarkable image of the chin.

Placing the tongue in the wrong position of the tongue causes the muscles to loosen, which is the cause of the formation of the chin. Specialists say that if you learn to put your tongue in the right position, someone blunt can overcome the chin condition and improve the appearance of the jaw contour. This is because the correct blade position will affect and fix the face structure.

mewing results

– What if you put your tongue back properly- aka Mewing?

The correct tongue position is always for the tongue to rest at the top of the mouth. You can learn to place your tongue correctly through performing some exercises, while observing yourself for easy editing, gradually becoming accustomed to the standard position.

mewing works


Mewing only really understands the effect when you put the right tongue position, as well as persevere for a certain period of time, it can be a long time to achieve optimal results. Combined with healthy methods of movement, eating and living.

Mewing can be counterproteing, causing tooth extraction if you do the wrong method.


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