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The little-known effect of snake venom for osteoarthritis support treatment!

You may not know, snake venom is a valuable source of raw materials used in the field of medicine. Science knows how to take advantage of these toxins to aid in the treatment of a number of diseases.  So, what is the effect of snake venom, how should it be used so that it is really a “poison-poisoning” method?

1. Scientific evidence of the effects of snake venom

– Snake is a species with cool meat, sweet and salty taste, temperament, in addition to a nutritious food, snake is also a medicinal aid to cure.  Not only snake meat but other parts such as snake venom are also used to support the treatment of disease very effectively.

⁃ Referring to the venom, people immediately think of the dangers of its toxicity. Snake venom is toxic by a neurotic mechanism, especially the one that controls breathing and circulation, leading to muscle spasms, vomiting, convulsions and paralysis.  Impact on blood or blood vessels, destroys blood cells, causes hemorrhage or coagulates the victim to die of embolism. In addition, snake venom attacks and destroys muscle tissue, causing necrosis and superinfection.

⁃ However, medicine has used snake venom to make anti-venom serum to support treatment of snake bites. Currently, there are nearly 100 countries making more or less 200 types of serums. In which, Vietnam has successfully prepared anti-venom serum of cobra…

⁃ Snake venom is extremely complex, consisting of hundreds of Peptides, Enzymes and toxins. In western medicine, snake venom products are used to make many precious medicines. Most countries around the world have used snake venom (especially Cobra venom) to make anti-poison serum. In addition, there are also a few famous special medicines made from snake venom such as: rheumatic drugs, neuralgia of Germany, pain reliever Cobratocin and Vibracin of Russia …

⁃ In the venom of some snakes, Fibrolase is a Plasminogen activated enzyme, also works to dissolve blood clots and can be used to aid in treating people with coronary artery blockage. From the venom of the Cobra snake, scientists extracted a substance called Contortrastin, which has the ability to control the growth of cancer cells, slow the spread of tumors, lower blood pressure in Hypertension. In Cobra venom there are many Cardiotoxins, which are toxins affecting the heart muscle, which can destroy cells of lung cancer, blood cancer, stomach cancer …

⁃ In addition to the above effects, the venom of the Cobra snake also has analgesic but is not particularly addictive. According to the research results, snake venom is also used to make pain relievers, leprosy, anti-inflammatory in rheumatism, muscle pain, neuralgia …

⁃ Therefore, not only Oriental medicine, even Western medicine can also be used in the form of topical medicines, topical analgesics, anti-arthritis.  For people with osteoarthritis, they will often ache when moving, the weather changes, if you use the Cobra venom regularly, it will be effective.

2. In Vietnam, how has it been used?

– In recent years, Cobra venom has been researched for use in the treatment of arthritis patients. However, the Cobra Snake is listed in the Red Book of Vietnam, on the list of banned exploitation, so it becomes extremely difficult to use drugs from the venom of the Cobra snake. To meet this requirement, our country now has a number of cobra farms, from which it can periodically take snake venom such as Dong Tam snake farm (Tien Giang), Vinh Son snake farm (Vinh Phuc). This is a very guaranteed source of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Vinh Son snake farm in Vietnam
Vinh Son snake farm

⁃ Currently, in Vietnam, this source of Cobra venom has been used as an ingredient in topical massage to help support the treatment of osteoarthritis diseases such as support for muscle fatigue, joint, channel opening, except leprosy, welding, strengthening tendons, enhancing health… It is a new, convenient choice for patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases.

Using snakes, or snake venom to support treatment, is not too strange for people with osteoarthritis. If you are confused about the unexpected uses of snake venom, reading the article above will be of great help to you.

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