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Stomach disease food

Stomach disease-what should abstain from and what to eat

Daily diet is closely related to the occurrence of stomach pains. There are certain foods that can trigger a flare-up, but there are foods that help soothe pain and discomfort in the stomach. So what should people with stomach ache eat and what to abstain from? Here is some useful information for you.

Principles of diet formulation for people suffering from stomach pain 

Stomach pain is a fairly common gastrointestinal problem that can be experienced by adults or children. The main cause of this disease is due to improper diet, abuse of stimulant foods, beverages or unhygienic foods. Therefore, maintaining a scientific diet will bring positive effects on the treatment of stomach pain. When formulating a diet for people with stomach pain, it is necessary to adhere to the following principles: Prioritize the use of foods high in antioxidants and natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties Avoid foods or drinks that increase the production of acid in gastric juice or irritate the stomach lining. Meals should be maintained at a fixed time of the day to create a physiological routine for the stomach. Patients should eat at the right time, avoid skipping meals or chewing and swallowing too quickly. Eat several small meals a day and use a moderate amount of food to limit epigastric pain as well as other associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, and indigestion. Cook food in the form of finely chopped, soft stew, steamed or boiled to make the stomach easier to digest. Stomach disease pain

What should stomach pain eat?

The best choices on the menu of people with stomach pain include:
  1. Ginger relieves stomach pain, fights nausea

Ginger is a useful choice for the menu of people with stomach pains. This seasoning is also used folk as a natural remedy to help overcome the symptoms of the disease at home. The active ingredients Zingiberen, Gingerol, Zingiberol or Flavonoids found in ginger are capable of reducing stomach pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea by inhibiting smooth muscle spasms and neutraling acids in gastric juices. In addition, eating ginger also helps improve the symptoms of heartburn, diarrhea common in patients with stomach pain. You can use ginger in the form of tea, eaten raw or cooked. Adults can take up to 5 grams of ginger per day. In case of pregnancy, it is not recommended to eat more than 1.2g of ginger during the day.
  1. Apple stimulates digestion

Apple very good stimulates digestion Eating apples is especially good for people with stomach pain who present with gastrointestinal disorders. This fruit provides a large amount of pectin capable of promoting digestion, massing the stool, improving constipation, diarrhea or long-term eating due to the effects of stomach pain. When suffering from this disease, you should maintain the habit of eating 1-2 apples a day. The rich source of vitamins and minerals contained in this fruit also helps to replenish the body’s energy, fight fatigue and promote the healing process of lesions in the gastric mucosa. It is best to eat apples directly whole shells to get the maximum source of nutrients. However, it is necessary to ensure that the apples are washed and soaked in diluted brine before use. In addition, you can drink apple juice but a large amount of fiber can lose when you ignore the apple corpse.
  1. Toast

Instead of eating whole grains, you might consider replacing them with toast on the menu to combat stomach pain, it’s best to take one made from white bread. This food is easy to digest but provides a lot of fiber to help promote digestion in the stomach. When introduced into the stomach, toast also promotes analgesic effect, preventing gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux by absorbing excess acid in the taste. In addition, this food also adds a lot of starch to ensure the body has enough energy for the day’s activities.
  1. Eating bananas is good for people with stomach pain

If you are wondering what stomach pain to eat, bananas are a useful suggestion. Ripe bananas are easily digested foods. Moreover, it also provides the body with many electrolyses to help ensure normal digestive activity. Moreover, the potassium composition found in ripe bananas also helps to reduce nausea, diarrhea, and stabilize the spasm activity of smooth muscles in the intestine, thereby safely reducing stomach pain. If stomach pain is accompanied by symptoms of diarrhea, you should also add green bananas to the daily menu. Green bananas contain an amount of fiber called resistant starch. It can help increase the volume of feces, reduce the severity and number of outings during the day.
  1. White rice helps protect the gastric mucosa

White rice not only provides a lot of energy to the body, but it also helps protect the lining of your stomach. When used, this feed will cover the lining inside the stomach, soothe irritation, while absorbing excess acid as well as toxic substances from un hyadicated food sources that accumulate in the stomach. This can help damage in the gastric mucosa quickly heal and significantly improve pain. However, in the days when the stomach hurts, you should pour a little more water when cooking rice so that the rice is softer and easier to digest, reducing the burden on the stomach. Avoid eating too dry or burnt rice.
  1. Stomach pain should eat papaya

Papaya is also very good for people with stomach pain. This fruit provides a lot of papain – an enzyme capable of aiding digestion. When absorbed, this substance works by stabilizing the gastric acid environment. In addition, papain has the same effect as laxatives, helping to soften stools and improve constipation for people with stomach pain. You can take ripe papaya by eating it directly or grinding a smoothie. Green papaya is also eaten in the form of soup stew, stir-fried. Although good, every week you should eat this fruit only 2-3 times in a moderate amount. Avoid overeing causing jaundice.
  1. Anti-inflammatory yellow turmeric, relieve stomach pain

Turmeric is the next answer to the question of what stomach pain should eat. Yellow turmeric contains a lot of curcumin. This substance has a strong antioxidant effect. It helps to fight inflammation, destroy harmful bacteria in the stomach, soothe unpleasant pain. People with stomach pain who regularly eat turmeric also help reduce acid in the stomach, fight heartburn, heartburn, protect and dry the surface of the lesion in the gastric mucosa.
  1. Flaxseed relieves stomach pain, fights constipation

Flaxseed contains many essential oils including fiber and many other active substances. They have the ability to promote digestion, regulate intestinal condification and improve constipation, ingestion for patients with stomach pain. A study conducted on laboratory animals also shows that flaxseed can help fight intestinal spasms, relieve pain and prevent peptic ulcer . However, more research is needed on this effect of flaxseed on the human body. To improve stomach pain, you can eat flaxseed directly, use it as powder, grind with vegetable smoothies or eat flaxseed oil. They are all healthy and safe for everyone.
  1. Foods rich in probiotics relieve pain, increase resistance to the stomach

In some cases, stomach pain may occur due to intestinal dysbiosis. Supplementing foods rich in probiotics can help boost intestinal intake of beneficial bacteria, soothe stomach pain and improve symptoms such as flatulence, long-term eating, abdominal obstruction in people with stomach diseases. The foods that supplement the most probiotics for the body include:
  • Yogurt: This product is fermented from milk. It contains many beneficial bacteria that live in an active form. Every day using 1-2 jars of yogurt can help balance the intestinal micronora, reduce constipation, diarrhea, soothe irritation in the gastric mucosa, stimulate the regeneration of damage in the intestinal mucosa.
  • Kefir: This is a fermented beverage known by other names such as Kefir fungus or Tibetan snow mushroom. People with stomach pain are recommended to take 500ml of Kefir a day for a continuous month so that stomach pain improves markedly.
  • Other foods rich in probiotics : In addition to yogurt and Kefir, you can also add other foods containing many beneficial bacteria to the menu, such as miso, kimchi or sauerkrael …
  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal best food for stomach Oatmeal is a great suggestion for the breakfast of people with stomach pain . This cereal contains abundant sources of fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Using oatmeal will help support the intestinal tract in the digestion of food, protect the gastric mucosa, while reducing the risk of acid reflux – one of the common diseases that can lead to stomach pains. To take advantage of these great benefits, you can use oatmeal in the following ways:
  • Cooking oat porridge
  • Mix oatmeal with milk
  • Combine oatmeal with dried fruit
  • Oat yogurt…
  1. Stomach pain should eat potatoes

Similar to bananas, potatoes provide an abundant source of potassium for the body. This substance helps to reconcile intestinal condions, reduce smooth muscle spasms, soothe stomach pain. In addition, potatoes are alkaline, helping to neutralized acids in the stomach, reducing excess acid. This food also acts as a natural laxative, enhances digestive function, prevents constipation, diarrhea for people with stomach pain.
  1. Crackers

If you are looking for a good snack for the stomach then crackers are also a good suggestion. This feed is quite easily digested and has the ability to absorb less excess acid in the stomach, protecting the damaged mucous area.
  1. Salmon

Salmon diet for stomach Salmon is resistant to inflammation, quickly heals damage in the stomach thanks to its high omega 3. This food also provides a lot of easily digested protein, which helps to build up new cells that replace the diseased tissues in the gastric mucosa. Since salmon contains a lot of nutrients, you should eat only 2-3 meals per week. It is possible to use fish stock, cook soup, steam or saute is very delicious.
  1. Stomach pain should drink plenty of water

In addition to adding useful foods to the menu, people with stomach pains also need to ensure adequate water replenishing of the body. The liquid has a calming effect on irritation in the gastric mucosa, supports the disposal of toxins, harmful bacteria and excess acid from the stomach, while ensuring that the digestion process takes place normally. In case of stomach pain, you should drink from 2 – 2.5 liters of water per day. Drinking warm water is best. In addition, filtered water can be replaced with other liquid forms such as:
  • Coconut water
  • Fruit juice contains little or no acidity
  • Vegetable boiled water
  • Herbal teas: Chamomile tea, licorice tea, mint tea (not for people with acid reflux)…

What should stomach pain abstain from?

What should stomach pain abstain from Some foods or drinks can cause stomach pain and unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms to break out more intensely. Therefore, in the daily menu you should limit the use of the following feeds:
  1. Milk and dairy products

With the exception of yogurt, fresh milk or dairy products such as cheese and cheese are not recommended to be used on the menu of people with stomach pain. They cause indysgestion, give birth to a lot of air in the abdomen and aggravate stomach pain. In addition, some dairy products also contain lactose. Poor body tolerance with this substance can cause you to have diarrhea, increase the risk of dehydration and adversely affect the recovery process of damage in the gastric mucosa.
  1. Stir-fried food

Containing a lot of grease and fat, fried foods make it more difficult to digest food in the stomach. Regular use of this food group also adversely affects the cardiovascular and can reduce circulating blood flow to the stomach. Even if you have a healthy body, fried food is not healthy. They can make the already unpleasant stomach pain even worse. Along with that, you may face many other symptoms such as abdominal bloating, indgestion, diarrhea …
  1. Stomach pain should abstain from spicy food

spicy red spicy food Using foods high in spicy spices can irritate the thick mucous membranes and make the smooth muscles in the intestine more spasm, thereby aggravating the pain as well as the feeling of burning, discomfort in the stomach. Spicy food also causes ulcers in the stomach to spread more widely. This puts you at risk of many dangerous complications such as gastric perforation, gastric hemorrhage.
  1. Living things are not good for people with stomach pain

Raw vegetables, or cooked meats, such as salads, salads or sourdough, although quite delicious and taste-stimulating, are dark things in the meals of people with stomach pains. They are not treated through temperature so can contain many bacteria and parasites that harm the stomach. Using these foods not only causes diarrhea, abdominal pain and also aggravates gastritis.
  1. Sugar

Foods high in sugar, such as pastries, chocolate, candy or soft drinks… when used during periods of stomach pain can cause diarrhea and stimulate the production of more acids in the fluid, making the pain even more severe.
  1. Beer, wine

Beer, alcohol and alcoholic beverages are generally the leading culprits for stomach pain. Overuse of them can cause your body to lose water, constipation and cause more severe damage to the gastric mucosa. Note: The development of a diet is extremely necessary for people with stomach pain, however, this is only one of the supporting methods, helping the main course of treatment to be more effective, avoiding more serious damage to the gastric mucosa. The above information is the answer to the question of what stomach pain should eat and what to abstain from? At the same time, it is suggested that treatment is suitable for chronic patients. Based on this, you can build yourself a diet suitable for beneficial foods, combining the proper use of drugs so that stomach pain is quickly healed.  
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