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Thorakao cosmetic brand in Vietnam

Thorakao -a prestigious and long-standing cosmetic brand in Vietnam

Thorakao is a Vietnamese cosmetic brand that was born with nearly 60 years of experience in the market, and is one of the most famous pure Vietnamese cosmetics brands today. Although it is impossible to compare the popularity with many foreign brands but Thorakao still retains the trust of Vietnamese consumers during the past 60 years.

So what makes the brand’s success?  Are the company’s products really quality?  Let’s review the cosmetic brand Thorakao in the article below!

1. Introducing the brand Thorakao

As one of the rare Vietnamese cosmetic brands that have existed for 60 years in the market, Thorakao is considered as a “veteran” name in the Vietnamese cosmetics industry. Thorakao was established in 1961, belongs to Lan Hao cosmetics manufacturing limited company. The brand quickly became prominent and dominated the Vietnamese beauty market at that time. Since 1968, Thorakao has its first patent. In 1969, the company opened a branch in Cambodia and started to export products to Southeast Asian countries. Today, Thorakao has expanded its market outside of the domestic market to many countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, Saudi Arabia, DuBai, Egypt, Russia, Africa …

Its products all use traditional Vietnamese materials extracted from natural folk such as: turmeric, grapefruit, gac, cucumber, garlic, milk… Is this brand name only in the minds of Vietnamese people over 40 years old or expatriate “Viet Kieu”? Now Thorakao must strive to compete with the international brands that constantly attack the Vietnamese market, but according to experts’ assessment is very potential for development.

Thorakao currently provides to the market a range of beauty products from skin care products, skin care products, hair care products such as special treatment serums, darkening creams, melasma treatment, coconut oil, shampoo, conditioner, makeup product lines.

Thorakao cosmetics from Vietnam

2. Is Thorakao cosmetics good?

Thorakao has many different product lines, but its most prominent products can be turmeric cream, turmeric cleanser, grapefruit essential oil… Its products use extracts from ingredients, familiar nature of Vietnam… when using Thorakao’s cosmetics, you will always feel the pleasant and benign products, without causing irritation or discomfort. This is a natural cosmetic line that is suitable for almost all skin types, including sensitive skin. In addition, Thorakao’s products are of natural origin, so it takes a long time to see significant effects.

In terms of product design, Thorakao does not invest too much in packaging, so it can be seen that its products are designed quite simply and not really as eye-catching as foreign product lines.

3. Thorakao’s most loved product lines

3.1. Thorakao turmeric cream

Turmeric cream is one of the cult product lines and contributes to the name of the Thorakao cosmetic brand today. The skin care product with the main ingredient of turmeric helps the skin to be brighter, more evenly colored, and reduces dark spots on the skin caused by acne or other effects.

This is a product line that is very popular among Vietnamese women because of its good matte effect, making the skin smoother. One downside of the Thorakao turmeric cream line is that it has a rather dark scent.

3.2. Thorakao dairy cow’s milk cleanser

Thorakao dairy cow’s milk cleanser is a favorite cleanser with a gentle texture, the product when applied to the face is extremely pleasant, does not cause irritation, feels comfortable and does not dry out skin after use.

This line of dairy cow’s milk cleanser product line of the company is effective in cleaning the skin, removing dirt and oil on the skin. However, its bleaching level is not too high, suitable for daily use with girls who do not make up too much.

3.3. Thorakao Snail Day Cream

Snail mucus is known as an effective nutrient for women today to help fade dark spots, regenerate elasticity for firm skin, reduce wrinkles  wrinkle and is one of the most amazing beauty ingredients available today.

Use of snail lotion:

– Protect skin in the sun.

– With the effect of blurring pigmentation, regenerating damaged tissues, improving skin elasticity, slowing skin aging, reducing wrinkles and stretch marks caused by pregnancy, cleaning dead cells, nourishing  skin is firm, moisturized, smooth and youthful. You will feel the whiteness and smoothness the first time you use it.

3.4. Thorakao Ginseng Cream

Thorakao Ginseng Cream specially formulated from the extracr of ginseng, natural pearl powder. The cream contains a lot of amino acids and vitamins to help regenerate barren skin, become white, smooth, prevent acne, freckles, make skin more bright when wearing makeup and protect skin under the sun.

-Brightening smooth skin

-Moisturizing, preventing acne

-Helps protect your skin from the sun

-Use as a makeup primer.

The above are the top 4 products worth buying from Thorakao with both stable quality and extremely affordable prices. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap and safe and effective nutritious product, Thorakao is an option that you should consider.

Wish you are always healthy and radiant!

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