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Why do I have acne

Why do I have acne? 5 deadly habits for your skin

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, sun protection … Even if you observe all these rituals more strictly than a “Buddhist monk”, this is not at all a reason for skin health. This is because there are several bad habits that will negate even the best care for your skin. Insufficient cleansing before bed Sleep is as important […]

Vegan cosmetics from Vietnam

Vegan cosmetics – Eco friendly beauty trend

Nowadays, the “green living” style is not only shown in the reuse of plastic bags, limiting the use of plastic items once … but it also develops the beauty field. In particular, using vegan cosmetics is one of the ways to help women both attract and protect the environment. If this is the first time […]

most famous cosmetic brands in Vietnam

Top 4 most famous cosmetic brands in Vietnam

Referring to cosmetics, usually most of them are for foreign brands from Korea, Japan, Thailand,…  Because the current mentality seems to assume that expensive and foreign goods are good products, although it does not deny the quality of these products. However, in addition to those product lines in the domestic market, there are also many […]

Thorakao cosmetic brand in Vietnam

Thorakao -a prestigious and long-standing cosmetic brand in Vietnam

Thorakao is a Vietnamese cosmetic brand that was born with nearly 60 years of experience in the market, and is one of the most famous pure Vietnamese cosmetics brands today. Although it is impossible to compare the popularity with many foreign brands but Thorakao still retains the trust of Vietnamese consumers during the past 60 […]

Free gift for each order more than $25

Free gift for each order more than $25

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