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most famous cosmetic brands in Vietnam

Top 4 most famous cosmetic brands in Vietnam

Referring to cosmetics, usually most of them are for foreign brands from Korea, Japan, Thailand,…  Because the current mentality seems to assume that expensive and foreign goods are good products, although it does not deny the quality of these products. However, in addition to those product lines in the domestic market, there are also many quality cosmetic brands that are not inferior, right below we will introduce to you 10 famous Vietnamese cosmetic brands will surely make you satisfied.

1. Sao Thai Duong

Sao Thai Duong was established in 2002, operating mainly in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care food, the company always focuses on researching products, constantly bringing to market quality products, the best consulting service to satisfy customers’s needs.

Sao Thai Duong with more than 100 famous products has gradually affirmed its position, bringing confidence to Vietnamese consumers. Along with that, the promotion of the Vietnamese cosmetic brand to European countries is an affirmation of the perfection that Sao Thai Duong brings.

Popular products of Sao Thai Duong:

2. Vedette

Vedette was established in 2006, Vedette is committed to ensuring quality as well as reasonable product prices. Vedette seeks the best solutions, from the application of scientific research to the selection of precious natural ingredients to provide customers with effective and friendly beauty products.

Vedette is particularly prominent in mask lines such as aloe yogurt masks, white tea light peeling masks, clay masks, soft mud…and many types of moisturizers, sunscreen, scrubs. Scrubs, hair treatments, therapists,… are waiting for you to discover.

3. Thorakao

Thorakao is a long-standing cosmetic brand and is very popular with consumers because of its benignness and good effect for the skin as well as the beauty of the user. Thorakao always produces the best products with excellent quality and safe and healthy natural ingredients.

Thorakao, with its modern production line and carefully selected raw materials, has produced quality products that best promote the essence of nature to bring satisfaction to users. Thorakao’s sunscreen works to help women’s skin become smoother, firmer and younger thanks to its nourishing ingredients.

4. Yoosun

YooSun is a story of 15 years accompanying Vietnamese women. YooSun Rau is not simply a beauty product, but it is also an effective skin problem treatment product. Today, Yoo Sun Rau Ma is no stranger to users because of its effectiveness.

Yoosun is known to be a product that helps treat itchy rashes, rash, prevent acne, fade scars, reduce dark spots left behind by acne and make skin softer. Yoosun contains ingredients Asiatic acid, madecassic acid affects the formation of don skin, stimulates the process of faster growth to help heal wounds, prevent scarring.

Above are the famous cosmetic brands in Vietnam, hope to bring you a new perspective on domestic products, with guaranteed quality plus reasonable price, will surely make you satisfied.

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