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give up the habit of sleeping with wet hair 

8 reasons for you to give up the habit of sleeping with wet hair 

Some people have a limited time, taking time to take care of their hair is probably also a difficult thing. However, with a simple hair cleaning step such as washing and drying your hair, you should spend a little time on it because if you wash your hair and sleep while your hair is still wet, it will cause many health consequences. This is why you should give up this bad habit soon.

1. Causes Scalp Irritation

Causes Scalp Irritation

Have you ever experienced an itchy scalp sensation? If you have ever understood this uncomfortable feeling, do not rush to blame the shampoo you are using, but it may come from the habit of going to bed with wet hair.

When you lie on the pillow while your hair is still wet, the pillowcase will also get wet. This is a favorable condition for bacteria and fungi to grow and lead to scalp diseases.

2. Make hair frizzy, tangled

If you wash your hair in the evening and don’t have much time to let it dry on its own, you can use a hair dryer. Because if you sleep with wet hair, your hair easily sticks together, leading to tangled and frizzy hair. When you wake up, your hair will become frizzy, tangled and difficult to detangle.

3. Hair loss and split ends

Not only causing tangles, leaving hair wet when going to bed also makes hair weak, prone to breakage and split ends. So, if you have a habit of going to bed with wet hair, you will not be surprised when your hair is getting thinner and thinner.

4. Causes headaches

Headaches when sleep with wet hair
Sleeping with wet hair is one of the causes of headaches

Scientists have shown that sleeping with wet hair is one of the causes of headaches. Many women experience chronic headaches as a result of frequent late-night shampooing.

The reason is that water stays on the hair and scalp, causing blood vessels to slow down, hindering blood circulation, and eventually turning into a chronic headache.

5. Hair fungus

Hair fungus is a common dermatological disease in people who have a habit of leaving their hair wet when they go to sleep. The reason is because the wet scalp is very susceptible to damage, causing scalp itching, dandruff to appear. The wet scalp is also an ideal environment for harmful bacteria and fungi to grow, causing scalp fungus – the cause of hair loss, baldness, scaling, itching and unpleasant odors. Not only stopping there, your facial skin is also at risk of being affected. Skin irritation, itching, pimples and dermatitis.

6. Feeling heavy, tired when waking up

Feeling heavy, tired when you wake up is the result of going to bed with wet hair. It even leads to the risk of chronic scalp phlebitis. Common manifestations are itching, headache, the scalp is often thicker and coarser than usual, and under the scalp there are also small raised bumps.

This condition needs to be treated promptly if it is not easy to cause serious health effects.

7. Muscle pain

Muscle pain has many different causes, but one of them is because you sleep with wet hair. The sudden change in the temperature of the scalp and the body having to cool down throughout the night increases the strain on the muscles and causes spasms, which can lead to dangerous cramps, even paralysis of the facial muscles.

8. Oily hair

You can pay attention to try, when you go to bed with wet hair, the next morning, not only is the hair not dry but also sticky, uncomfortable and especially very quickly dirty. This is caused by an imbalance in the pH of the scalp and an increase in the sebaceous glands. Therefore, if you are experiencing this situation, you should dry your hair before sleeping to help clean hair and limit oil effectively.

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