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Best drinks to drink at night are good for sleep

Drinks you should and shouldn’t drink at night

…Let’s find out what drinks should and should not be used in the evening to help the body’s health and at the same time bring deep sleep to prepare for an effective working day. 

Currently, there are a number of drinks that should be drunk after dinner to help regulate gastric juice, neutralize and excrete gas, improve the digestive system and help you have a good night’s sleep. Besides, you also need to avoid drinks that are harmful to health and sleep. 

Drinks to drink at night are good for sleep

1. Warm honey water

Warm honey water good
Drinking warm water with honey in it at night before you go to bed can help you stay hydrated throughout the night, and it also boosts your metabolism.

Honey contains many vitamins and nutrients that help increase insulin levels in the body, release tryptophan in the brain to help the body relax, thereby making it easier to fall asleep. Honey mixed with warm water is a remedy to help purify and detoxify the liver effectively by eliminating toxic substances from the body. The active ingredients in honey tea also work to reduce contractions, soothe menstrual cramps in women. Some people recommend that if you have a cold, drink honey, because drinking honey at night regularly will help you prevent colds, and help lose weight very effectively. Especially women who want rosy, healthy skin should use a lot of honey because they contain many enzymes, vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-fungal, and drinking warm honey 30 minutes before going to bed will help skin becomes soft, bright white and smooth, adding confidence and personality. 

2. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea pot in Vietnam

Chamomile tea is a decoction made of chrysanthemum flowers that have been dried or dried in hot water at a temperature of about 90-95 °C, with a little sugar or sometimes root added. This is a drink that should be used in the evening because it is a natural remedy for insomnia, and if you drink a warm cup of chamomile tea 30 minutes before going to bed, it will help you sleep better and sleep more deeply.

In addition, chrysanthemum tea has cool properties, dilates blood vessels, so it can maintain stable blood pressure, purify and detoxify the liver, suitable for people who often suffer from heat and heat in the body such as mouth sores..

 3. Drink fruit juices after dinner

Drink fruit juices after dinner

If you drink papaya juice in the evening weekly, it will help regulate the contractions of the intestines and improve the digestive system, reduce bloating and indigestion, and constipation will be reduced. Science shows that papaya contains a digestive enzyme that helps stimulate food metabolism and vitamins that help stimulate skin regeneration, keeping the skin smooth and youthful.

Just like lemons, grapefruit contains the antioxidant lycopene, which helps improve nighttime sleep, also helps balance the body’s vitamins and minerals and increases energy levels, helping the body relax so you can get a good night’s sleep deeper, better sleep.

Drinking lemon water before going to bed can help you recharge the necessary amount and make up for what was lost during the day, in addition, it also helps to purify the body and remove toxins slowly during sleep.

The amount of vitamin C in these fruits is a strong antioxidant and helps strengthen the immune system against viruses and is also very good for the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that drinking foods before fruits such as papaya juice, grapefruit juice, hot lemon in the evening will help the body be healthier and full of energy the next morning.

4. Milk and low-fat dairy products

Milk and low-fat dairy products

Drinking milk before going to bed can significantly improve your sleep quality thanks to the content of tryptophan and peptides, which help our mind relax and fall asleep easily.

Many people think that drinking milk in the evening is not true. You should choose low-fat milk, they help maintain blood sugar, ensure enough energy and keep you full for a long time, not waking up in the middle of hunger. Especially, the high content of vitamin D in each cup of milk helps the body absorb calcium to help keep bones healthy, nourish beautiful skin by providing collagen to increase skin elasticity.

Avoid harmful drinks that should not be drunk before going to bed

1. Alcoholic or carbonated drinks

Alcoholic or carbonated drinks

Drinks containing alcohol or stomach stimulants such as alcohol, beer, carbonated soft drinks will make you wake up often at dinner and will cause too much for the kidneys. Drinking a lot of alcohol also makes you stressed, makes us constipated and acid reflux.

2. The coffee

Coffee at night good or bad
Consuming coffee too close to bedtime, such as with dinner, can cause sleeping problems. To avoid caffeine’s disruptive effects on sleep, it’s recommended to avoid consuming caffeine for a minimum of 6 hours before bed

Coffee is the right drink in the morning because it contains caffeine to help you stay awake, but if you drink it in the evening, it will cause insomnia, and also create acidity in the stomach that cannot be digested, for a long time days will be harmful to health.

3. Orange juice, coconut water

Orange juice and coconut water

Although it is good to drink juice in the evening, you should not drink coconut water, orange juice… Drinking coconut water in the evening will make the body susceptible to colds, drinking orange juice or coconut water all make the body water residue that makes you have to urinate many times at night, causing insomnia.

4. Ginseng tea, ginger juice

Ginger tea at night before bed

In addition, seemingly good drinks such as ginseng tea or ginger juice should not be drunk much at night. They make insomnia symptoms worse due to high blood pressure.

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