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Foods that boost the immune system

9 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

We will tell you how to support the body, just slightly adjust your diet.

1). Garlic

Garlic help boost immunity

It is chosen by gourmets and ordinary lovers of spicy food, chefs of fashionable restaurants prefer garlic to exotic spices, and its healing properties are recognized almost all over the world: once in the Middle Ages, it was he who defeated the plague, garlic. Today, fortunately, fatal diseases threaten us to a lesser extent, but garlic is still the favorite preventive measure. To strengthen the immune system, it is useful to eat this product fresh. You can add garlic to sauces, meat dishes, rub toast with it. But if you are not a lover of garlic – add it to soup or any other dish during the cooking process – some of the aroma will disappear, but the benefits will remain.

2). Fish

Fish Boost Your Immunity

Fish is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are not enough in our body to maintain immunity. Choose fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, or salmon. In addition, our body is not able to produce zinc and therefore we need to eat foods that contain this element in excess, including fish. The fact is that zinc is directly involved in the structure of immune cells.

3). Chocolate

Сhocolate Boost Your Immunity

It turns out that real dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa helps not only restore the body’s activity, but also protects it from harmful bacteria that lie in wait for us everywhere. Pure cocoa stimulates the immune system, preventing it from being controlled by viruses. The problem is that real cocoa, without additives and dyes, is almost impossible to eat, it has an unpleasant bitter taste. So dark chocolate remains the best solution.

4). Mushrooms

Mushrooms Boost Your Immunity

If a cold nevertheless invaded your body, and you don’t want to spend a whole week in bed, the matter can be corrected not only with antiviral drugs, but also with mushrooms. In order for the body to successfully fight infection, you need to eat foods that help strengthen the protective properties of leukocytes, this will help you get back into shape much faster. Almost all types of mushrooms will cope with this task.

5.) Ginger

Ginger for Immunity

It is important to remember that only ginger root can be used to stimulate immunity, as well as for colds in the initial stages. Its healing properties have been known since ancient times: in China, warriors applied ginger root to wounds received in battles. The product contains vitamin C, retinol and vitamin B. Its pharmacological properties are similar to those of garlic, but the smell of the plant is much more pleasant. Ginger can be used as a seasoning for various dishes – it is added to soup or porridge, meat dishes, and chicken is seasoned with it. You can also brew ginger tea – finely chop the root, pour boiling water, add lemon, mint and honey in equal proportions and let the resulting drink brew.

6.) Lemon

lemon good for your Immunity

Lemon has long ceased to be exotic, and perhaps everyone knows about its beneficial properties. Contain a high concentration of vitamin C, however, it remains only in fresh specimens and juice, and is destroyed during heat treatment or prolonged contact with air. Therefore, lemon juice must be added to the water and drunk right there. In addition, you will have to give up tea with lemon, because the healing properties of citrus evaporate in boiling water.

7.) Honey

Honey for Immunity

Honey is a favorite treat for those with a sweet tooth who cannot afford to eat an extra cake. In addition to its rich taste, this delicacy also has a variety of healing properties: honey heals wounds, maintains the nervous and immune systems in good shape. In case of a cold, honey promotes a speedy recovery, and if you make it a rule to eat a spoonful of honey every day, diseases will bypass you.

8.) Kefir

Kefir support your Immunity

Probably seem to you a rather unexpected remedy for maintaining immunity, we use it for burns, we drink it during diets, but it turns out that this drink will help to avoid unnecessary colds. Kefir fungus has the ability to improve digestion and maintain the protection of the intestines from the penetration of microbes into it. Due to calcium and vitamin D, it strengthens bones and helps hematopoiesis, stimulates the synthesis of protective antibodies in the blood and fight against viruses.

9.) Pumpkin

Pumpkin Boost Your Immunity

Pumpkin contains beta-carotene, which helps to establish and maintain proper communication of body cells with each other, and this is the main guarantee of the normal functioning of the immune system. Don’t like pumpkin? Eat any other orange vegetables, carrots, for example, and the brighter the color of the vegetable, the more beta-carotene it contains.

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