Humer Nose Hygiene – Natural deep sea water nasal spray – 150 ml


Humer 150 Adult with the main ingredient deep sea water, has a decongestant effect on congestion and is used for colds, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis in adults 15 years of age and older.

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Humer 150 Nose Hygiene Urgo. Nasal Spray – Nasal Congestion Treatment Natural Nasal Allergic Rhinitis Sinusitis Relief – 150 ml

Nasal spray for nasal hygiene.


  • 100% natural deep sea water


It helps to clear the nose, relieve nasal congestion, and induce pleasant sensations.
Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, supports the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as sinusitis, rhinitis.

Dosage Humer Nose Hygiene: Spray 1 time in each nostril before meals 2-3 times / day.

How to use nasal spray: Tilt your head to the side, carefully place the nozzle into your nose, then press and hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat the above action, tilting your head to the other side. Blow your nose and dry it with a soft cloth.

Product form 150 ml
Quantity 1 pcs x 150 ml
Storage conditions Store at a cool place, protect from direct sunlight.
Country of production France, Laboratoire Urgo
Expiration date 36 months from date of manufacture

Package Included:

1* Spray

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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