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Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Effects of Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Joints are made up of many different components: cartilage, synovial fluid, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Normally the ends of bones are covered with a layer of cartilage. The function of this cartilage layer is to make the joints move smoothly, under the lubrication effect of synovial fluid. The cartilage layer also acts as a cushion against the impact of the joint. Symptoms of osteoarthritis are: stiffness when waking up or sitting for a long time, swelling and pain in one or more joints, a feeling of entanglement when moving,…

One of the treatment measures for osteoarthritis in addition to treating acute pain and inflammation is to supplement cartilage and lubricants to help lubricate joints. Two substances that we often see used a lot when it comes to osteoarthritis are Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage.

What are the real uses of Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage in the treatment of osteoarthritis?  In this article, we would like to introduce our readers to basic information to help you better understand their mechanism of action in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Glucosamin and Shark Cartilage from Vietnam

1. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an amino – mono – saccharid of endogenous origin, which is a component that helps synthesize glycosaminoglycans that make up cartilage tissue in the body. Glucosamine is synthesized by the body but that capacity decreases with age. Glucosamine circulating on the market is usually derived from shells of shrimp, crabs, and marine animals and is divided into 3 main forms:

  • Glucosamine sulfate.
  • Glucosamine hydrochoride.
  • N-Acetylglucosamin.

Of these, only the Glucosamine sulfate form was used the most in studies and is believed to provide positive effects. This is not necessarily true for the other two forms of glucosamine, so consumers must pay attention to this information on the product’s label. It is best to choose products with glucosamine sulfate ingredients.

Let’s take a look at some of the commonly known uses of glucosamine:

  • Helps reduce pain, inflammation, swelling in the joints to help the patient’s body work as usual.
  • Provide nutrients to nourish and regenerate the joints of cartilage, enhance function at joints.
  • In addition to the effects on bones and joints, using glucosamine also makes the skin firm, bright and smooth.

In fact, the glucosamine products circulating on the market have many different origins, so their quality is also different.

2. Shark cartilage


Shark cartilage is the cartilage taken from the fins of sharks, which is considered one of the most valuable components of the shark. Shark cartilage is used to process into dishes along with other foods to help nourish and enhance health, especially with high effects in the treatment of osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Shark fins have been used as food for thousands of years, but scientists have only been interested in the effects of shark fins and cartilage on diseases since 1950-1960 connective tissue, including mucopolysaccharides (containing chondroitin sulfate), glycosaminoglycans, protein, calcium and collagen. Due to such a structure, shark cartilage has a number of benefits for human health as follows:

– Treatment of bone and joint diseases: Because Chondroitin inhibits the enzymes that destroy cartilage in the joints, activates the enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. This is a necessary substance for the joints to work properly, this drug is used for cases of rheumatism, joint pain.

 – Cure eye diseases: Chondroitin creates appropriate moisture for the eyes, helping to regulate eyes well.  It also nourishes the corneal cells, regenerates the anterior corneal film, enhances the elasticity of the ciliary body. This substance also limits dry eyes, eyestrain, dizziness when the eyes have to work a lot.

– Nourish the body: Some pharmaceutical companies use shark fins to produce synthetic supplements, providing substances such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, etc.

, which promote the development of bones, teeth, and tissues digestive enzymes, kidney and prostate function.

 Many documents prove that the combination of Glucosamine and Shark Cartilage will increase the effectiveness of treatment, help create new cartilage tissue and prevent cartilage degeneration, reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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