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Harm to health when often angry

In life, it is difficult for us to avoid anger. Anger not only risks disrupting relationships, worsening one’s image, but it can also cause a series of harms to health.

How Emotions Harm Your Body
How Emotions Harm Your Body and Overall Health

Anger harms the heart

The most dangerous physical damage is the effects on your cardiovascular health. Within two hours of an outbreak of rage, the risk of causing a heart attack can be doubled. The amount of blood flow to the heart when angry will transfer a lot to the brain and face (red face, hot), so the amount of blood needed for the operation of the heart will decrease. This is the cause of hypoxia on the heart, causing the heart to contract no longer rhythmically as usual, which can indirectly lead to coronary artery disease or cardicardiosis.

Causes damage to the liver

When we get angry, carving the body itself produces the substance “catecholamine”, along with the influence of the central nervous system, then the blood glucose level in the body will increase very high, from which fatty acids, toxins harmful to the liver and blood flow are also constantly increasing.

Causes the brain to rapidly aging

Angry Causes the brain to rapidly aging

When angry, the brain will be under a lot of pressure from the increasing amount of blood flow here, which causes the blood flow in the brain to be inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen required, harming the brain.

Stomach damage

Stomach damage when often angry

When angry, the heart will act together with the blood vessels, causing the amount of blood in the stomach and intestinal tract to plummet, losing appetite and even causing gastric ulcer.

Lung damage

Lung damage when often angry


When angry, the body will breathe faster and fold more quickly than usual, the lungs must swap gases in too high a frequency. At this time, the lung sack is constantly amplifying, the collection time is constantly reduced, so the lungs will not have time to adjust and rest but to work continuously. This is an important cause of damage to the lungs.

Damaged immune system

Damaged immune system when often angry

When anger the body will also secrete cortisol, if it does not control anger, the body will constantly produce this substance and accumulate for a long time, causing wounds to your immune system, then the resistance to various types of diseases will decrease , the body will be weaker, leading to an increased risk of infection and even cancer.

There are many mechanisms by which frequent anger can affect and even endanger health, including obesity, migraines, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, high blood pressure and stroke, decreased quality of relationships, increased likelihood of emotional or physical abuse of others or both.

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Free gift for each order more than $25

Free gift for each order more than $25

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