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How to sunbathe properly?

First, many people like tanning. And secondly, the sun’s rays increase the level of the hormone of happiness and saturate the body with vitamin D. But it is worth overdoing it a little, and all these advantages will have to pay off with burns, wrinkles and an increased risk of skin cancer.

We tell you how to take only benefit from the sun:

Buy sunscreen

Woman used Vietnamese sunscream

Seriously, do it. SPF 30 cream will not prevent you from tanning, but it will reduce the risk of melanoma by 80% and reduce the rate of skin aging by 24%.

Apply it on clean skin 20-30 minutes before going out so that it has time to be absorbed. Do this not only on the beach, but also in the city: the sun is no less insidious there. Do not be lazy to update it every 2-3 hours and after each call at sea. Even if it is waterproof. For the best effect, use a cream SPF 50.

Tan gradually

Tan gradually dangerous sun
A sunburn is not only painful – it’s dangerous

This will not only lower your health risks, but it will also prolong the life of your tan. A burn is a severe stress on the skin, which forces it to actively exfoliate burned cells. Start with 10-30 minutes a day and add 10 minutes.

Sunbathe by the hour

Sunbathe by the hour

Most of the ultraviolet rays hit the Earth between 10:00 and 16:00. It is better not to appear on the beach at this time, and to use sunscreen more actively in the city.

The skin stops producing melanin 2-3 hours after you start sunbathing. There is no point in further frying under the sun – according to some reports, it can even destroy vitamin D.

Moisturize your skin

The sun dehydrates the skin, so on vacation you need to keep moisturizers on hand for all parts of the body. Better – with the prefixes “super” and “ultra”. Apply them to your body every time you shower.

Don’t forget about hands, lips, and hair. And for your face, do not regret moisturizing masks. And drink more water!

Prepare your skin for tanning

Best tips Prepare skin for tanning
Diet should include foods that contribute to the high production of melanin, as well as those responsible for skin regeneration. “It can be carrot juice or citrus juices.

Cleanse it of dirt and dead cells with a scrub. This will make your tan smoother.

To keep the skin chocolatey for as long as possible, forget about this procedure after sunburn – otherwise the entire bronze shade can be washed off in a couple of sessions. If you really want to, choose the most gentle cream-based products.

Protect more than just body and face

Ultraviolet radiation also affects hair and eyes. Do not go out into the sun without a panama hat and sunglasses.

Video: The Science of Tanning & Its Addictive Nature

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