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Menstrual disorders after taking birth control pills

Menstrual disorders after taking birth control pills?

1. Why does taking birth control pills cause menstrual disorders?

Taking birth control pills means putting a certain amount of female sex hormones into the body to prevent or delay ovulation, can prevent egg implantation, change the lining of the uterus and have  ability to prevent pregnancy. The effect of the drug also causes the cervical mucus to thicken and thicken to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. As a result, conception will not take place.

The common side effects of the drug are menstrual cycle disturbances due to hormonal disorders, so the menstrual cycle may come earlier or later, the number and color of menstrual blood may also change.

2. Manifestations of menstrual disorders when using birth control pills

  • Bleeding after taking emergency contraceptive pills due to high levels of sex hormones in the body. Ovulation is prevented.
  • Improper daily oral contraceptives cause amenorrhea because the hormone regulation is changed, the drug inhibits the ovulation cycle and thickens the cervical lining, preventing conception.
  • Menstrual disturbances after taking oral contraceptives is one of the side effects of the drug with the following phenomena: Menorrhagia, bleeding…
  • Menstrual disturbances after stopping birth control pills due to sudden drop in hormone levels.  Women notice fluctuations in their menstrual cycle, menstrual bleeding and duration.

3. What’s wrong with menstrual disorders due to taking birth control pills?

After taking birth control pills

In case of prolonged menstrual disorders accompanied by abnormal phenomena such as blood clots, black menstrual blood, unpleasant odors, … then be careful because this may be a warning sign of a disease gynecology. You should immediately go to a specialist hospital to be examined, determine the cause and take timely treatment measures. When these conditions are cured, your menstrual cycle will also return to regularity.

4. What to do when having menstrual disorders due to taking birth control pills?

Usually, when you first start using birth control pills, your body will need time to get used to the changes brought about by the pill. You should also prepare yourself mentally for some side effects such as dizziness, headache, and stomach upset. Ask your doctor for advice on the most appropriate type and dose of birth control pills. If side effects occur too often or menstrual irregularities become severe, you can also consult your doctor to adjust the medication or dose accordingly.

To help treat irregular periods caused by birth control pills, women should try healthier lifestyle changes, including:

– Healthy diet: Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, especially foods containing phytoestrogens – natural compounds in plants (especially soybean sprouts) that have a chemical structure and effect similar to the hormone estrogen in the diet. Healthy helps you keep a stable weight, supports the treatment of menstrual irregularities caused by taking birth control pills.

– Regular exercise is also a natural method of regulating menstruation.

– Reduce stress: Breathing exercises, yoga, walking, listening to music, reading books,… regularly can reduce stress and relax better. This will help birth control pills work more effectively, helping to regulate hormones and regulate menstruation naturally.

– Hormonal balance: Use healthy foods containing anti-aging substances (alphalipoic acid and selenium), soybean germ essence, to help replenish blood qi, balance hormones, control unpleasant symptoms and menstrual disorders.

In short, menstrual disorders after taking oral contraceptives can completely occur if women abuse them too much. Therefore, before taking the pills, you must consult and follow the advice of your doctor. In particular, when menstrual disorders are accompanied by symptoms such as: Blood clots, foul smell, black blood, etc., you may be suffering from one of the dangerous gynecological diseases. At this time, you should not be subjective, but go to medical facilities soon for examination and timely treatment.

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