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Full Methods of purifying the body

Methods of purifying the body

Currently, purification of the body is a method that helps eliminate toxins in the body effectively applied by a lot of people. In particular, many women choose to purify the body to help rejuvenate the skin, maintain physique and strengthen the immune system.

1. What is body purification?

Body Water percentage

Purify the body also known as detox. This method is increasingly popular with many people. However, there are still some people who miss understand body purification as a way of using products that help eliminate toxins or follow a specific diet.

In fact, the natural detoxification mechanism of our body will go through urine, sweat glands and liver to eliminate harmful substances in internal organs without having to apply a certain diet. Substances considered toxins that need to be eliminated outside the body often include synthetic chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals and chemicals of processed foods.

Despite this, sometimes the body’s natural detoxification mechanism also needs to be rested after hours of excessive work. At that time, we need methods to purify the body to help reduce overload pressure and maintain healthy detoxification agencies.

Currently there are several diets that help you detox and wash your intestines, including vegetarian diets or low- carbs diet.

In general, most diets or methods of purifying the body are aimed at helping to eliminate toxins, while forming healthy eating habits for your life in the present and in the future.

2. Common methods of purifying the body

Body purification is a measure that encourages your optimal use of vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of fiber and water. In addition, this method also directs you to actively drink more water, limiting the consumption of foods high in sugar, grease or processed.

Depending on your purpose and desire, you can apply detox completely (100%) or partly detox (50%) combined with a proper diet helps to ensure health. Here are some of the most commonly used methods of body purification today.

2.1. Purify the body with juice

Purify the body with juice

For this detox way, you will only drink juices from fresh vegetables and fruits without being consumed any other foods. Adopting this diet in the long run will help your body become healthier and more alive.

However, in the early stages of applying detox with juice, your body will react in certain directions, be it from energetic to debilitating fatigue. Therefore, you should only apply this body purification mode on holidays or weekends when you do not have to participate in many activities.

2.2. Purify the body by eating a fruit

With this detox method, you will eat only a single fruit, such as grapes, apples, grapefruit or bananas, for 7 days. Thanks to the abundance of organic water in the fruits will help your body easily absorb minerals while eliminating harmful toxins outside without affecting blood glucose levels.

2.3. Purify the body with a diuretic diet

Methods of purifying the body

Doing diet although not effective in losing weight, it can help you eliminate toxins and excess substances outside the body. When applying this method of purifying the body, you can eat rice or bread in various meals with small servings. In addition, avoid eating salty or sweet foods, combining the drinking of herbal teas and filtered water.

A died diet that purification of the body should ensure that there are many of the following vegetables and fruits:

  • Asparagus
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Watercress
  • Artichoke

2.4. Purify the body with massage

Purify the body with massage.

Detox massage is another method of purifying the body that many people love to use. Through massages, lymphatic system circulation combined with the use of natural essential oils will help you eliminate harmful toxins outside the body and prevent the risk of storing excess fat under the skin.

2.5. Purify the body with lemon

natural detoxification lemon water
Refreshing Ice Cold Water with Lemon

For this method, you will use lemon juice to burn the amount of fat that accumulates in the body’s bodies effectively, thereby helping to purify and dissolve excess fat areas.

Drinking lemon juice is also a way to help you eliminate the amount of toxins that have accumulated in your kidneys, liver or other parts. Thanks to the abundance of vitamin C in lemon juice will help you improve the efficiency of your skin, becoming brighter and smoother white.

3. What are the benefits of body purification methods?

benefits of body purification

The methods of purifying the body when applied properly not only give you a beautiful skin but also help strengthen the body’s resistance and protect healthy bodies. Here are the outstanding benefits of purifying the body.

3.1. Help control weight effectively

Detox diets can help you lose weight effectively and soon achieve a slim physique as expected. Besides, when you consume healthy foods will help build healthy and healthy eating habits for many other health aspects.

3.2. Help increase energy for the body

According to research, a diet that purification of the body helps you to strengthen energy effectively. Modern life today makes you worry and shoulder a lot of work, so energy is a very necessary thing, helping you get ready to fight those pressures. Purifying your body will help you eliminate factors that can lose energy, such as caffeine and sugar.

3.3. Help internal organs work more efficiently

In addition to helping to lose weight and boost energy, body purification methods also support internal organs to function more effectively. When the body is eliminated toxins thanks to the detox diet will facilitate internal organs to have proper rest time and reduce the burden of work.

On the other hand, toxins can still be accumulated a lot in the body even if the kidneys, liver or other internal organs function normally. Therefore, you should take the time to purify the body, help eliminate the remainingtoxins and help the detoxifying bodies work better.

3.4. Strengthening immune system health

The habit of purifying the body when applied for a long time is not only good for detoxification agencies but also helps you prevent many diseases. Your body will absorb faster important nutrients, such as vitamin C – which are very beneficial for immune system health.

3.5. Help improve the skin

No matter how thorough you take care of your skin, if you don’t care about your daily diet, you may still have skin problems. The use of foods capable of detoxifying the skin will help your skin become cleaner and brighter.

Even some foods that purify the body are capable of helping you eliminate toxic substances that are the main cause of hair follicle obstruction. When the hair follicles are cleaned and more ventilated, it will help remove and prevent the accumulation of sebum as well as dirt, thereby limiting skin conditions such as acne, whiteheads or blackheads.

During the detoxification period, you may experience some skin problems, however it will be greatly improved after the end of the body purification process.

3.6. Improve mental health

Body purification methods also help you have clearer memory and increase your focus. Combining a healthy diet and learning to meditate or breathing properly will bring a sense of relaxation to the brain, thereby improving mental health problems, such as preventing stress and depression.

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