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Why do acne appear?

Why do acne appear?

Acne is the name of one of the most popular diseases among adolescents. It’s about acne. However, approximately 10-15% of adults also experience it. In the modern world, medicine is able to offer more solutions. However, they do not treat the cause, but the effect. That is why you should know the factors provoking this.

A pimple is an inflammation process. It is directly related to the activity of the sebaceous gland, or rather to its clogging. After that, bacteria begin to multiply in this place.
These microorganisms have always lived and will be on the surface of the body, but it is the disruption of the sebaceous ducts that helps them in spreading. This is due to the fact that they are able to live under anaerobic conditions.

The main factors

best ways avoid acne

At the moment, medicine has identified several reasons that are the causes of inflammation of the glands, which provokes the appearance of acne:
Experts have noticed that starchy, sweet and fatty foods are one of the main causes of health problems. For example, acne or obesity. Based on practice, after reducing the products from the above groups, the skin will say “thank you” in the form of reducing the amount of inflammation.

I recommend at least periodic disease prevention. It implies a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins, mainly A, C and a number of B groups. If you cannot consume enough healthy foods, then take pills.

Improper care

People with oily skin are prone to increased sebaceous glands. In view of this, they should pay attention to the funds specially created for them. Beauty products will not be able to help if the skin is of a different type. Medicines need to moisturize and cleanse the pores so that sebum production is at a normal level.
After the ducts of the glands become clogged with a large amount of secreted sebum, dead skin cells, dust, and other debris also accumulate in the area. According to doctors, this is why you should pay attention to cleansing.
It is worth noting that if you touch your face with unwashed hands or use dirty brushes, then you increase the chance of acne.

According to a recent study, at least 85% of people have had acne. They spoil the mood, as a person with them looks somewhat ugly. However, this is just a visual factor, and the pain from them is quite real.

Ways to fight acne

fight acne ways, best of them

If you do not have the necessary skills or equipment, refuse to eliminate acne on your own. This has a number of negative consequences. For example, the appearance of scars, as well as the chance of a pimple changing into a more complex form. In other words, trying to eliminate them is an order of magnitude more difficult than the initial stages of acne development. They take longer to pass. They can leave a small scar for several months.

Overall, here are some tips that can reduce acne:

When the period comes in which the activity of the sebaceous glands increases, the diet should be changed, excluding all previously indicated food groups;

Increase the amount of time spent on hand care. This will help reduce the number of acne that appears and reduce the rate of spread, pollution;

Use masks several times a week to either cleanse your pores or protect them from the debris and bacteria that contribute to acne.


Acne is a problem known to many. But it is quite easy to accomplish by regularly practicing the above recommendations.

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