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Azelaic acid for acne and pigmentation

Azelaic acid for acne, pigmentation and rosacea

A magical ingredient that helps treat acne, pigmentation and rosacea. All at once, without causing irritation like many acids. Learn more about this trendy ingredient. What does azelaic acid do for skin Azelaic acid is obtained both from wheat and yeast and in the laboratory. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And the acid […]

Why do I have acne

Why do I have acne? 5 deadly habits for your skin

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, sun protection … Even if you observe all these rituals more strictly than a “Buddhist monk”, this is not at all a reason for skin health. This is because there are several bad habits that will negate even the best care for your skin. Insufficient cleansing before bed Sleep is as important […]

What food eat with acne skin

Foods that are not good for acne skin

Did you know that some foods you load into your body too much can cause your face to pimple quickly? Below is a list of foods that are not good for acne skin you should avoid to have a healthy skin. Top 6 foods that are not good for acne skin Fats of animal origin […]

Why do acne appear?

Why do acne appear?

Acne is the name of one of the most popular diseases among adolescents. It’s about acne. However, approximately 10-15% of adults also experience it. In the modern world, medicine is able to offer more solutions. However, they do not treat the cause, but the effect. That is why you should know the factors provoking this. […]

How to get rid of acne Effective way

How to get rid of acne: Effective ways to solve the problem!

What is acne (blackheads)? The main types of rashes on the face Causes of acne on the face How quickly can acne be removed from the face? How to remove acne from the face using cosmetology? Prevention of acne: how to forget about acne forever Acne in any form is a serious problem that can […]


Megaduo Gel – Product to treat acne and dark spots for sensitive skin

Hello everyone. In today’s sharing, we will introduce you to the super product to treat cases of acne on thin, weak skin, sensitive, irritating as well as suitable for women pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Let’s go. 1. What is Megaduo? Megaduo has the same and different ingredients as Dermaforte. So why are Demar […]

Derma Forte in acne treatment support

Why should you choose Derma Forte in acne treatment support

1. General description Derma Forte Derma Forte is a skin lightening and acne treatment gel with the main active ingredient of 20% Azelaic Acid. This acne cream comes from the Vietnamese cosmetics company Alcom. Azelaic Acid is considered to be a very effective part of treating under-heavy acne and brightening the skin. Moreover, Azelaic Acid […]

Free gift for each order more than $25

Free gift for each order more than $25

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