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exercise that make your body weak

Check out ways to exercise that make your body weak

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Not only that, this healthy living habit also helps bring you a relaxed spirit and relieves stress. However, improper training or making some mistakes can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercise, even causing the opposite reaction, making health increasingly weaker. The following article will help you identify ways to exercise that make your body weak, let’s find out right away!

1. Do not warm up before exercise

Do not warm up before exercise

It is very important to warm up before exercise and perform relaxation movements to stretch muscles after intense exercises. Because the body’s sudden movement when not warmed up can cause the amount of oxygen and blood not to reach the organs participating in the movement. This will cause the motor muscles to not function properly, which in turn leads to injury.

Therefore, before starting the exercise, you should spend about 5-10 minutes to warm up your body first. And after exercise, you should also do some gentle movements for about 5-10 minutes to help your heart rate return to normal.

2. Exercising too much and not exercising regularly


This is one of the mistakes many people make, the irregular training schedule, sometimes working hard, sometimes taking a whole week off. This can cause the effectiveness of the whole training process to be reduced, leading to fatigue, excess fat not being consumed and easy injury.

Not only that, too much exercise can also lead to dangerous complications such as muscle tension, fatigue, loss of appetite, bone fractures, etc. Health experts have recommended that only physical activity should be minimal. 60 minutes a day and should practice regularly at a fixed time frame.

3. Practice too early or too late

Lung damage

In the early morning, the outdoor temperature will be lower than the body temperature coming out from the closed room, so the body will be cold suddenly. At this time, the blood vessels in the body will be constricted, prone to lack of blood to the brain, dizziness. Not only that, morning fog will also be very toxic to the body. So it’s best to exercise when the sun has risen and can be adjusted appropriately to the weather.

On the contrary, there are some people who have a habit of exercising very late, usually before going to bed. This will cause the circadian rhythm to be disturbed due to the increase in body temperature, which in turn will cause difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, and poor sleep. Therefore, do not exercise vigorously before going to bed to avoid affecting the quality of sleep.

4. Exercise when hungry or after eating

Oatmeal best food for stomach

Vigorous exercise will cause the body to expend energy. If you exercise on an empty stomach, it can lead to dizziness and even fainting.

You absolutely should not exercise in the middle of the day because this will cause the body’s stable circadian rhythm to be disturbed. From there, it causes some symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, cramps, stomach pain…

5. Exercise when sick

Exercise when sick good or not

When the body has a fever or has unpleasant symptoms such as dry cough, sore throat, body fatigue, runny nose, still trying to exercise will easily backfire. Makes the body more susceptible to dehydration, becoming more tired and taking longer to recover.

For those with dangerous diseases such as heart failure, asthma, etc., before applying any exercise, you should consult with your doctor to avoid health deterioration.

6. Do not drink water when exercising

Do not drink water when exercising

Exercising will cause the body to excrete a lot of sweat and cause dehydration. At this time, it is necessary to replenish the body with water to help balance the lost water and keep the skin from drying out. However, you should only drink filtered water and should not drink alcoholic and carbonated water because they will make muscles flabby faster.

7. Distraction when exercising 

Random exercise, regularly changing exercises to refresh and create excitement is one of the ways to exercise that weakens the body.

Changing too many different exercises in a short time will cause the body not to adapt, so it will not be effective. Therefore, when practicing, you should follow a specific lesson plan and exercise plan, at least stick with that exercise for about 8 weeks to be effective.

Not only that, many people are also distracted, practicing while texting, calling or even thinking about work. This will increase the risk of injury during exercise.

8. Take a cold shower after exercise

This is one of the common mistakes in training that makes the body weak. Many people have a habit of taking a sauna and then taking a cold shower after exercising, which will cause the body’s temperature to change suddenly and be susceptible to cold. Therefore, after exercising and steaming, you should only take a bath with warm water, both to help your body relax and to help your brain stay awake.

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