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Gasimax Weight Loss Products

Frequently asked questions about Gasimax Weight Loss Products

1. Where is Gasimax produced?

Gasimax is produced on modern technology lines that meet GMP standards of Phuong Dong pharmaceutical and trading company and is exclusively marketed and distributed by Kohinoor Star Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Group nationwide. This is a leading cosmetic company in Vietnam market.

2. Does Gasimax publish products, legal documents?

Gasimax oral tablet is manufactured at a factory meeting international GMP standards, meeting all the most rigorous testing standards for product production, from input materials to the quality of output products. Thoroughly tested, all products have been announced by the competent authority of the Ministry of Health to be licensed, ensuring safety and effectiveness for users.

On the other hand, the product has an electronic anti-counterfeiting stamp with security codes that are encrypted and output from the stamp supplier’s server system, only a unique code is applied to a product. Therefore, customers can rest assured not to worry about buying fake goods when placing an order.

capsimax weight loss pill
gasimax weight loss pill

3. Action’s mechanism of Gasimax?

L-carnitin contained in Gasimax weight loss tablets is an important substance that helps transport fat (stored energy) into cells so that this fat can be converted into “active” energy. Thus, the amount of fat reduced thanks to the role of L-carnitin in the product has been converted into an “active” form of energy, not dissolved and eliminated through the skin or digestive tract as some of you mistakenly believe. Therefore, when using Gasimax will not cause symptoms of diarrhea, dehydration, loss of appetite or fatigue, and of course, can not lose weight quickly. You should not be impatient if your weight does not change much at first, be persistent in taking the full dose.

4. What is the dose of Gasimax?

Gasimax dosage is to take 2 times a day, 1 tablet each time, about 30 minutes before meals with plenty of water (about 1 full glass of water). Incorporate a diet low in carbs, sweeteners, and fats, and increase exercise.

Gasimax should be taken for at least 1 month.  If you need to lose a lot of weight, you can use the product for many months or drink until you reach the desired weight.

5. I’m taking Gasimax but I find out I’m pregnant, how should I use it?

Gasimax is proven to be safe, not harmful to health and affects the fetus. However, if you are taking and find out you are pregnant, you should stop your weight loss regimen. Instead, you should eat enough nutrients to nourish the fetus.

6. Can men use Gasimax Weight Loss Products?

Men can use this product to lose weight. But it should be noted that because the male body has a solid muscle structure, the excess fat in the body is more clingy and harder to burn, so the weight loss process will be slower than that of female friends. Therefore, because you see little change in weight, you should not skip the course. Try to use the product in moderation, combine a reasonable diet and exercise.

Gasimax and Ric Skin fat burning cream
Gasimax and Ric Skin fat burning cream

7. People with Hepatitis B can use Gasimax or not?

In addition to reducing excess fat and losing weight, Gasimax also works to help reduce blood cholesterol (lower blood fat), reduce visceral fatty diseases such as fatty liver, fatty kidneys (due to the effect of increasing fat metabolism of L- Carnitine) should be very good for health. People with fatty liver using Gasimax to lose weight are both safe and healthy, preventing fatty liver.

8. People 15 years old can use the product?

Gasimax recommends use for people 18 years of age and older. Because under 18 years old, still in the age of eating, growing up, so that the body has enough nutrients to develop. There should be a reasonable diet, combined with regular exercise to help lose weight naturally.

In case of overweight, you can choose to use Gasimax to use. The product is proven to have no side effects.

9. Can people with high blood pressure be used?

For people with high blood pressure, instead of using 2 tablets as in the instructions, on the first day should try using 1 tablet to see if the body has any symptoms.

If your blood pressure is high or your heart is beating fast, you must stop immediately, do not use the product to lose weight anymore. Make sure to diet and exercise regularly every day.

If your body feels normal, then you should maintain taking 1 tablet / day, so although losing weight is slower than everyone else but it is safe for yourself.

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