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Serious mistakes when using antibiotics sixmd.

Serious mistakes when using antibiotics

Improper use of antibiotics or overuse of antibiotics even when they are not absolutely necessary can lead to an antibiotic crisis. Today’s article will cover serious mistakes when using antibiotics, let’s find out right away!

The stronger the medicine, the faster it will heal

Serious mistakes when using antibiotics
Antibiotics are medicines that fight infections caused by bacteria

The mentality of wanting to heal quickly has led many people to believe that the use of strong drugs is a good medicine. As a result, some doctors indulge their patients by prescribing high doses of antibiotics.

However, the wrong use of antibiotics will turn antibiotics into a poison. The use of high doses of antibiotics can increase the risk of side effects. In mild cases, you may experience itching, discomfort and a rash. More severe can lead to anaphylaxis leading to death. Not only that, the use of strong antibiotics, high doses can lead to drug resistance.

Inadequate use of antibiotics

Many psychological people based on incomplete understanding think that western medicine is very harmful, causing heat in the body, so only take a few doses to help and refuse to maintain taking the drug for a full dose.

This concept is completely wrong, because antibiotics can only promote the effect of inhibiting and completely killing bacteria when used in the right dose and for the right amount of time. Stopping the use of antibiotics when the symptoms of the disease have just been reduced without using the indicated time will not bring about a radical effect. At this time, bacteria that are only weakened can still survive in an environment that has reduced antibiotic concentrations and are resistant to antibiotics, their existence will also become stronger. This also means that the antibiotics used before are no longer useful. This is the reason why it is necessary to take antibiotics in full doses, for a full day because only it completely destroy the bacteria.  Accordingly, the duration of antibiotic use must last about 7-10 days for the bacteria to be clean.

Use of antibiotics by word of mouth


This is often the case with parents. Parents tend to share with each other about their child’s illness and spread the word about drugs that have the ability to treat good and effective diseases. And so many parents have also received medicine as a gift or bought the same medicine for their children.

In clinical practice, even if the child has the same symptoms, each body is different, so the use of antibiotics will be different. This will help ensure the effectiveness of the antibiotic. Therefore, when the child has symptoms of illness, it is best for parents to take the child to see a doctor for examination and appropriate treatment.

Reuse the medicine from last time

The fear of going to the doctor and saving money has led to many cases where patients have reused the drugs they had used before because they had similar symptoms. This is completely wrong, because although the next time the symptoms are similar to the previous ones, it is not necessarily the same disease. Even if the old disease recurs, the drugs used in the past may not be as effective as the previous illness.

Moreover, the reuse of old drugs will not guarantee the quality because the quality of the drug depends heavily on many preservation factors such as temperature, medicine cabinet, light… And during the storage process, the medicine may have been damaged changes and reduces the effectiveness of the drug. So to be on the safe side, it’s best to see your doctor for a checkup and the right treatment!

Arbitrary change of medication

Arbitrary change of medication

To be able to promote the best effect, antibiotics need to have a certain time, but it is not possible to cure the disease just by taking it, no matter how strong the antibiotic is. There are some cases, even though the antibiotic has not been used for a long time, the dose has not been exhausted, but when there are no signs of improvement, they ask the doctor to change the drug immediately. When the doctor explained, he did not listen but also criticized. This is completely wrong.

The ineffective use of the drug may be due to the impact of many different factors such as how to take it, the dose taken, the ability to respond to the drug… now doctors need to evaluate it in detail before making a decision decide whether to change to a different antibiotic.

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