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Best 3 simple tips to make honey for sore throat at home

3 simple tips to make honey for sore throat at home

The fluctuating weather makes anyone susceptible to a sore throat, and using honey for sore throats is the easiest method you can do to reduce symptoms quickly.

Honey is a common ingredient or medicine used in Oriental medicine. However, to cure sore throat with honey effectively, not everyone knows.  The following article will give you some information and ways to use honey to treat sore throat.

 1. The effect of honey on sore throat

The effect of honey on sore throat
Honey is one of the best remedies for a sore throat due to its natural antibacterial properties that allows it to act as a wound healer, immediately offering relief for pain while working to reduce inflammation.

Honey contains a lot of natural sugars and antioxidants that are considered as a natural antibiotic that can fight the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Thanks to these outstanding properties, honey can overcome all signs of pharyngitis such as sore throat, dry cough, cough with phlegm, hoarseness, etc.

2. Simple tips for making honey for sore throats

The spices seem very familiar in the kitchen such as: lemon, kumquat, ginger … when combined with honey will give effective treatment for sore throat that you did not expect. Let’s start trying it right now.

  • Tip 1: Mix a few tablespoons of honey with 1 cup of warm water, drink every morning.
  • Tip 2: Combine honey with lemon. 

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, which has antibacterial and antioxidant effects that reduce the itching of the throat. In addition, lemon has a sour taste, has the effect of clearing heat and dissolving phlegm. Doing:

Squeeze lemon juice and mix with honey in a ratio of 1:2, drink 2-4 times a day for optimal effect.

Lemon, honey, and rock sugar are also recipes that many people apply to treat sore throats: Prepare 1 glass jar, put in 1 liter of honey, 1 kg of lemon (thinly sliced), 0.5 kg of rock sugar soaked for 3 months.  This method is used to reserve, when you have a sore throat, you can take it out and use it immediately.

Kumquat is also often used by mothers for babies when they have sore throats: 

kumquats with honey
Kumquats with honey

Wash the kumquats, slice them, mix with honey, and steam them in a water bath. Take 1-2 teaspoons each time. 

  • Tip 3: Ginger has hot properties and strong antibacterial properties, so when combined with honey, it will have a very high therapeutic effect. Fresh ginger root is peeled, washed, then pounded and filtered to get water mixed with honey to drink.

In addition, you can also use ginger and honey by cutting fresh ginger into thin slices and soaking it with honey, then sucking it. In this way, ginger juice and honey will slowly penetrate into the lining of the throat, then heal the damage and inflammation.

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