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How to recover quickly from a cold in 1 day

How to recover quickly from a cold? This question is asked by almost everyone who begins to feel the first signs of illness.

In order to start the necessary treatment and get back on your feet in one day, it is necessary to identify the symptoms that characterize the common cold.

Signs of a cold

Runny nose. And on the first day it may not start. But on the 2nd or 3rd day, the runny nose will show itself in full force.

Sore throat. Unpleasant sensations in the throat are caused by the presence of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Scratchy throat and cough. A sore throat can be accompanied by a tickling sensation, resulting in a cough.

Pain in the joints and weakness of the body. So-called body aches, general fatigue, and rapid fatigue.

Elevated fever. When you have a cold, the temperature may not rise in all cases.

It should be understood that a cold is called an acute respiratory disease, as well as viral infections, sore throat and the flu. All of these diseases have almost identical symptoms. However, the treatment may be different. For example, it is impossible to recover quickly from sore throat, as well as from the flu, because these diseases involve taking antibiotics (in the case of complicated flu), which are chosen by the doctor.

Treating common cold

Is lemon ginger tea good for a cold?
Lemon and Ginger helps to fight off cold symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties.

In the case of the common cold, it is very important to start timely treatment. At the first signs, measures should be taken.

So how to recover so quickly so that he feels awake and healthy the next day?

The main medicines to eliminate the symptoms:

Fighting the runny nose. In order to quickly and effectively fight the runny nose, it is necessary to provide cleansing and disinfection of the nasal mucosa. For this purpose, saline solutions are suitable. Also you can order some Vietnamese traditional oil or inhaler.

Treatment of cough and sore throat. Treatment of a cough depends on the type. If wet, you can take expectorants such as ACC, licorice syrup, Mucaltin, etc. Dry cough – drugs containing in their composition codeine.

Analgesics and antipyretics. Well-known Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can dull the pain, lower the temperature and improve the general condition of the patient.

Treating disease itself

In the case of the common cold, not accompanied by fever or other serious symptoms, treatment is limited to the use of nasal drops or throat spray. But, most often, the question of how to recover quickly from acute respiratory infections, a person gets the answer – with the help of antiviral agents. Indeed, it is impossible to cure a viral disease completely without antiviral drugs.

When feeling sick, everyone wants to get well quickly, both in summer and winter. So, in order for the treatment to work as quickly as possible, it is necessary to ensure that all foci of inflammation are affected. Also, with any outcome of the disease, and especially if the condition worsens, it is necessary to see a doctor to get advice from a specialist.

Video: Home Made Cold and Flu Remedy

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