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Best10 exercises for healthy eyes

10 exercises for healthy eyes

Eye exercises not only reduce stress, help you focus more at work, but also reduce the risk of eye diseases such as dry eyes, impaired vision, … bring healthy eyes.

Daily work, environmental pollution… make our eyes weaker and weaker. Eyes are a very vulnerable part, especially for those who often have to work with computers.

These exercises will increase the eye’s ability to focus by improving the mechanical stability of the eye. Optically, this practice improves the transition of images to the brain, helping the eyes to see better. These exercises are very simple and do not take too much time, practice daily to have healthy eyes.

A set of exercises for the eyes - gymnastics for the eyes with myopia and hyperopia

1. Blink continuously for 2 minutes

On average, you will blink once every 4-6 seconds, but when you focus on the computer screen, this number will be 12 seconds. This leads to eye strain, dry eyes for a long time, screen vision syndrome.  This exercise helps increase blood circulation to the eyes, reducing eye fatigue and dry eyes.

2. Keep your head still, look from side to side

Slowly move the eyes to the right, then to the left while keeping the head still, do this movement 10 times, do this 2 to 3 times a day you will see the obvious effect.

3. Close your eyes while moving your eyeballs vertically

Hold your head still, close your eyes, slowly gently move the eyeball vertically (up – down), do 10 times.

4. Roll your eyes

Similar to the above movement, close your eyes, keep your head still, slowly rotate the eyeball in a clockwise direction, then reverse, rotate each direction 10 times.

5. Gently press the temples with your hands

Using your index or middle finger, gently press between the temples, hold for 4.5 seconds. This movement helps the fluid in the eye to circulate better. Repeat this movement 5 times, if you want you can perform the movement while closing your eyes.

6. Write words with your eyes

Hold your head still, look at the space or wall in front of you, use your eyes to write letters or squares or triangles depending on your preference. Try to write as big as possible. This move is quite difficult to do at first, but be patient because this is a very good exercise for the eyes.

7. Close your eyes, relax for a few minutes

You can stretch, stretch your body, then slowly relax, combined with tightly closing your eyes for 1 to 2 minutes. This movement not only improves blood circulation to the eyes, but also helps to release tension in the body. Do this movement 5-7 times in a day.

8. Turn your head but keep looking straight ahead

It sounds difficult to do, but it is not as difficult as you think. Looking fixedly at a point, slowly rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise. Do 10 times each afternoon.

9. Look close and then look far

Focus on a near point in front of your eyes for a few seconds, then zoom out, looking at a distant point for a few seconds. Do this movement 5-7 times a day.

10. Close your eyes and relax

Constantly staring at the screen makes your eyes hurt. Close your eyes, relax your body and mind, and let your eyes and mind rest for 3 to 5 minutes.

Effective eye exercises
Effective eye exercises

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